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Your Ambition Kills You Earlier!

Latest By Himanshu Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Mar 12, 2012
Your Ambition Kills You Earlier!

Ambitious people have short-lived life. Strangely, people attending best universities, or an illustrious careers, or sky-high salaries may not be lucky enough to lead successful life for long.

Ambition Kills You EarlierThe latest study conducted in University of Notre Dames' Mendoza College of Business, unwrapped the facets of ambition concept, which is otherwise poorly perceived. Heading the research panel, Timothy Judge, a management professor at the institution studied behavior of 717 high-ability individuals for over seven decades.

Timothy Judge concluded by quoting that ambition has positive influence to lead a successful life, but also carries a cost attached to it. The study inferred that ambitious people were happier than less ambitious group; however, their life expectancy was comparatively less. Comparative study measured ambition in various life phases of an individual, from toddlerhood to career milestones, and thereon.

Subjects of the research were individuals that pursued education from world’s most acknowledged education institutions like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, Columbia, Cornell, Northwestern, Berkeley, Oxford and Notre Dame. A progressive pattern with higher educational attainment and milestones was observed in the individuals having pursued highly-esteemed professional courses and holding prestigious corporate positions.

Determination to 'have it all' but weak life satisfaction was the observations of the study. The weak satisfaction had an impact on longevity of life, which is reason for eating a portion of life. Among other factors responsible for the low measure of mortality rate were investment in career building, inability to maintain relationships and social recognition.

Judge cautioned that having parental hopes and dreams can sometimes lay excess emphasis on career building to see children happier. But, parents must understand the ambition limits so that children do not overburden themselves. Detailed study will be published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.




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