Yoga postures for asthma patients

Updated at: Jun 05, 2015
Yoga postures for asthma patients

Yoga for asthma is known to benefit people from all ages. As breathing is an essential part of yoga, yoga postures for asthma can help asthma patients prevent further attacks and recover from them easily.

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AsthmaWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Feb 04, 2012

Yoga does not involve tough postures or many breathing exercises meant to reduce tensions in breathing patterns, constrictions and provide respite from stress. Let us explore a few yoga postures for asthma patients that can treat and also prevent asthma:

  • Yoga helps an asthma patient calm their mind. The stretching patterns, postures and focus on breathing pattern tranquilizes the mind and frees it from anxiety, which is the chief cause of asthma attack to aggravate.
  • Yoga prevents an asthma attack to turn into a bronchial attack at later stages, the latter being much more severe and untreatable. Bronchial asthma is mainly caused due to pollution and smoking causing infection in the lungs and the trachea.
  • Perform these exercises only in the presence of professionals. Yoga for asthmatic condition can help you with the ideal postures, proper breathing exercises for asthma and correct you when you are going wrong. Correct procedure is very important for patients opting for yoga to treat their asthmatic conditions.

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Discussed below are a few general yoga postures that can be practiced indoors:

  1. Sukhasana is the easiest yoga exercise and can be done without guidance or help from a professional. Sit in the meditation posture with your back straight and legs folded. Pull your stomach in as much as you can without straining yourself. This helps in straightening your spinal cord and makes you calm. Concentrate on your breathing while doing this asana.
  2. Shoulder lifts: stiff shoulder and neck leads to headaches and tension. This yoga treatment can improve your flexibility. Half spinal twist is the best way to relax your muscles.
  3. Lie flat on your back and bring your knee closer to your forehead. Pull your shin muscles while keeping your spine straight on the floor. Keep a check on your breathing patterns while doing this and make sure you are breathing slowly. As soon as it gets uncomfortable, release and start with the opposite leg. Relieve your mind with this yoga posture. It works well for the digestive system and relieves excessive gas that is built in the stomach.
  4. Breathe from one nostril while keeping the other nostril closed with your thumb. Repeat at least 50 inhalations and exhalations alternately from each nostril, one at a time. Give a gap of five minutes and repeat the set without stopping. This can be done anywhere and anytime!
  5. A half spinal twist is known to strengthen and flatten the spinal cord. You must seek the help of a professional while doing this.

Apart from practicing yoga for asthma, avoid going to damp places or colder climates. If it is inevitable, keep yourself fully covered and warm. The setting in of winters also triggers asthma attacks. Many people suffering from asthma turn claustrophobic. Know your symptoms and seek help from yoga practitioners for a long term respite. Do not be surprised if you feel refreshed and charged after every yoga session!

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