Want to Gain Weight? Try these Effective Yoga Poses

Updated at: Jun 21, 2018
Want to Gain Weight? Try these Effective Yoga Poses

Yoga not only reduces weight, but it also helps to gain weight. It's a very natural way to increase weight without the use of any artificial supplements.

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YogaWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Aug 21, 2017

Those who think yoga is simply meditation and has nothing to do with weight management are in for a pleasant surprise. The benefits of yoga are manifold and weight gain or loss is just the tip of the iceberg. Yoga, like any other physically demanding exercise like swimming or weight-lifting normalises your body to bring it to its optimum weight. However, a good diet is necessary to provide the necessary fuel. 

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More specifically, there are some asanas which aid slim people gain weight and look healthier. Note that yoga should be performed in loose clothes, on a mat and on an empty stomach. Ideally, before breakfast or in the evening at least two to three hours after lunch.

Surya Mamaskar or the Sun Salute

This classic routine incorporates many poses from yoga into a minute long work out. If you do two Surya Namaskars a day your whole body gets a workout. It works especially for shoulders and chest. There are twelve positions. Spend five seconds on each. Start standing with hands folded in a namaskar. Reach up to the ceiling as far as you can and proceed to go down. 

Touch your feet and assume a runner’s starting position by pushing your left leg far behind with knee bent. Now push your buttock up and form an arch with your body. Bring only your back down so that your stomach nearly touches the floor. Raise your head to the ceiling. Raise you buttock again and then resume the runner’s position. Bring both legs together, stand up but leave your hands touching your feet. Raise your hands towards the ceiling and resume the original namaskar. 

Sarvangasana or the Shoulder Stand 

Another great pose that helps you gain weight faster. Start by lying flat on a mat and raise your legs to a 45 degree. Your hands should remain outstretched until your legs are in the air. Now lift your arms and support your back with the fingers. Keep the thumbs on your rib cage and fingers as close to the shoulder blades as possible. It takes time to practise a pose to perfection so do not expect to perform the perfect asana the first few times. Straighten up your legs and point your feet to the ceiling as you straighten up your spine with your hands. Try to keep your elbows in a straight line as much as possible. Hold for about five seconds and return to the starting position slowly. 

Bhujang Asana or the Cobra Pose 

Another pose that will help you involves stretching out the back and limbs. Lie face down on the floor and keep your hands outstretched ahead of your head. Bring your arms to your sides as you raise your torso off the ground. Support yourself on your palms facing down and keep your legs together. Raise your chin to reach the ceiling and hold for a few seconds before slowly reverting to the original state. 

Shavasana or the Corpse Pose 

Perhaps the easiest and most relaxing pose that will make you gain weight is this one. Lie down flat with your legs apart and hands to your sides and one by one let go by relaxing each body part at a time. Start with your head and end on your toes. If you feel sleepy play light music. 

There is a wide range of yoga exercises for weight gain. It is, therefore, important that one consults a yoga professional for this. The reason is that you wouldn’t want to suffer the repercussions of practicing yoga in the wrong way. Thus, in order to find an exercise that suits one’s body, the whole system needs to be analysed, something that only a professional yogic can do. 

Along with these yoga exercises, to increase the fat in the body, one should also eat a little more than the normal amount consumed. But again, try to avoid unnecessary fatty foods. Since the mantra is to consume more calories than the amount burned, one should concentrate more on the amount of milk products you take in a day – cheese, shakes, milk, smoothies, and yogurts will help in the process of weight gain. 

In short, one must practice these yoga asanas on a daily basis, along with a proper diet required for weight gain in order to see satisfactory results. Again, it is always consult a doctor before beginning any form of exercise. 

Also keep in mind that putting on body weight calls for the same amount of concentration and preparation that is required to lose weight. There are no magic portions or instant weight loss powders. It takes some time – less for some, more for others – to gain weight. Yoga has always proven helpful here. 

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