Try these yoga poses for better life

Updated at: May 29, 2018
Try these yoga poses for better life

Yoga for Diseases - According to yoga diseases occur due to inadequate life force, hence tackling there forces will result in curing all the disease.

Vatsal Anand
YogaWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Oct 16, 2017

According to the principle of Yoga, all the diseases are due to inadequate life force, be it in the entire body or a log jam of life force in one part of the body. Those people who practice yoga learned many centuries ago that many of the diseases are due to low levels of immunity. Modern day sciences are gradually coming to terms with it.

Although the primary cause of the illness cannot be tackled with yoga alone, but it helps in maintaining a general well-being and good health which goes a long way in tackling health disorders. Issues regarding weight loss or weight gain can also be tackled with yoga. The concept of life force or prana is critical to understanding the science behind Yoga for healing your body.

The Prana Concept of Healing in Yoga

The prana or life force is an entity that engulfs the whole of human body and is manifested in the breath. The normal flow of this prana from the time of breathing to the various functions of the body is required to be maintained for the health of the individual. The disturbance in this normal flow leads to diseases. The treatment of Yoga is based on correcting the flow of prana to the area of the body in which it is in disharmony.

A good illustration of this concept is the misalignment of vertebra leading to blockage of life force to the thyroid gland. Such a blockage interferes with the normal nerve impulses (manifestation of life force) from travelling to the gland, thus obstructing its normal functioning. Similarly, there are diseases in which the life force to a body part increases more than necessary.

When the entire body has very low life force, the effect is a lowered level of vitality, bad health and vulnerability to infection. If the prana of the body was high enough, it would fight off the infections without much trouble. Germs (virus, bacteria and others) cause infection only when the vitality of the body comes down. That is why in Yoga, stress is always on good nutrition, adequate deep sleep, positive mental attitude and yoga.

These observances help to keep the vitality and immunity level of the body very high. If you still fall prey to some disease, the diagnosis in Yoga is based on the level of life force and accordingly, various Yogic practices are prescribed. Their aim is to balance the life force to the affected area of the body.

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