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Yoga for arthritis: Butterfly pose

Home Remedies By Editorial Team , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Dec 29, 2016
Yoga for arthritis: Butterfly pose

Butterfly Pose is one of yoga asanas that helps to prevent arthritis. Read about methods and advantages of yoga for arthritis using butterfly pose.

Yoga is widely known and accepted for its ability to heal and relax your body. With the ever increasing stress in our daily lives, a few minutes to practice this yoga pose can help you relax and de-stress.


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Butterfly yoga

  •     Position yourself in a way that your spine is in an erect position and soles of your feet are placed mutually.
  •     Make sure that you’ve your heels close to your body.
  •     Hold onto your feet and tenderly budge your knees up and down.
  •     Now, smoothly lean forward bending from the hips.
  •     Maintain your back in a straight line and thrust from the lower part of your spine.
  •     Maintain this position for two minutes, sensing the stretch within the legs.
  •     At each breath, slow down in a frontward direction as you exhale, and bold as you inhale.
  •     Interleave this exercise soon after the spinal twist.

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  •     It aids in releasing concealed up emotions and alleviates anxiety and stress levels.
  •     It helps in renovating back your emotional stability.
  •     It augments the circulation to the pelvic region and aids in sending messages to the brain to start over the cycle.
  •     Through yoga one can feel an improvement in their general health.


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Maintain the same position but place the hands on the floor behind and to the side of the back, keeping the arms straight

  •     Move the knees up and down 20 or more times.
  •     toes or the feet; choose whichever is most difficult.
  •     Do this exercise for a short time without strain. Crow walk touching the knee to the ground with each step.
  •     This is a very good exercise to prepare the legs for meditation poses.
  •     It is also recommended for people with poor blood circulation in the legs.
  •     Constipation sufferers will find this exercise useful.
  •     They should drink 2 glasses of water and then crow walk for one minute. Drink 2 more glasses of water and crow walk again. Repeat this 3 or 4 times; the constipation should he removed.


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