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24X7 couple a good idea

Snr By Navdeep Kaur Marwah , Midday / May 24, 2013
24X7 couple a good idea

With the kind of time, professional commitments demand, smart youngsters have evolved the office into a 'cupid zone' and hence many couples end up working together.

With the kind of time, professional commitments demand, smart youngsters have evolved the office into a 'cupid zone' and hence many couples end up working together. While such duos get more time to spend with each other, there could be a 'space crunch' feeling creeping in at later stages.


Big time bonding


Being a colleague of your partner has its own set of advantages. According to Arti Anand, clinical psychologist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, "In office, one always is in search of familiar faces and if this is your husband or wife, that's the best thing. Spending time together becomes easy when you work at the same place. You can at least have meals together. This helps in strengthening the bond."


Too much exposure


Considering the flipside of such relationships, Arti says, " Such couples often complain of over exposure to each other and the breech of space. Professional clashes could be another major reason of trauma for the ambitious couples."


Renowned psychologist Aruna Broota says, "At professional end it becomes hard for couples to behave like husband-wife. Maintaining a sense of individuality and professionalism becomes supreme motive. Over exposure may lead to negligence of eachother's feelings and if one partner tries to suppress the other, things could go worse."


Lovy Khosla-Vandana Khosla


Lovy: "Though we work together but we have different responsibilities. While I am into the management side, she is into creative. We spend more time with each other and have fun while we work. Therefore we have so much to talk about, which has given fillip to the understanding between us."


Vandana Khosla: "Joining my husband's business has brought a positive change in my life. But I think every couple that works together should draw a line between their professional and personal space. We consciously try that once we are home we do not talk about work. Though it's a little tough at times."


Shane-Falguni Peacock


Shane: It is interesting to work with your partner. At times you face helpless situation but at the back of your mind you know that there is someone on whom you can always depend and trust.


Falguni: One of the prime reasons that we got married was because both of us shared common interest of fashion. I think when a couple work together their intention and motive are the same. Also the growth is better and faster.


Sai Deodhar- Shakti Anand


Sai: Separating your professional and personal life is a tough task because you tend to take work home. One should try to strike a balance between the two.


Shakti: If you are working on different projects in the same company, that's beneficial else the life could be an ordeal. When the partners work in different offices or projects, both both of them can share a broader spectrum of topics. Also it gives a chance to hang out and work with different sets people, which is great.




There should be clear boundaries about what stays at work and what comes home.


Don't be stuck to each other like conjoined twins at work. Give your partner and yourself a breather.


Keep your fights at home. Don't wash your dirty linen at the office.


Leave your office at the door. Don't carry it back home.


Do not equate professional behaviour with personal closeness.




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