World Backpack Safety Month...Pack it all in

Updated at: Jan 11, 2011
World Backpack Safety Month...Pack it all in

September is observed as the World Backpack Safety Month. Here are a few guidelines to choose the right knapsack that can make a world of difference to your holidays.

Shinibali Mitra Saigal
Travel HealthWritten by: Shinibali Mitra SaigalPublished at: Jan 11, 2011

Pack it all inSeptember is observed as the World Backpack Safety Month. The Trip helps you choose the right knapsack that can make a world of difference to your holiday


On long outdoor trips, whether it's trekking or going on an adventure trail with the family, carrying the right backpack can make your life a little easier.


A backpack, as any veteran rugged traveller will vouch, is one of the most important equipment on a trip.


So the first feature to remember while choosing a backpack is to get one that is comfortable as well as easy to manoeuvre.


To begin with, size is the main thing to keep in mind while choosing a backpack. Don't get something that is too big or too small.


Backpack size is usually measured in litres and the ideal recommended size is around 65 litres.


Also, keep in mind that the bag should be proportionate to the length of your torso. This will help you pick up the right-sized pack for yourself.


Next comes the kind of backpack to buy; should it be a top loader or a back loader?


Top loaders are usually tall and narrow while back loaders are broader and offer easier access. The third kind is the rear loading backpack, which is quite popular too.


While buying a pack, you must always try on what you will use. Take one with an internal frame as it helps carry the pack close to the body.


While checking bags also remember to pick one with sturdy straps and a waist strap as this helps distribute the weight to the hips.


Almost as important as choosing the fit is choosing a pack that suits the weather. It's no fun to hike through the rain and find all the contents in your pack soaking wet.


If you are travelling through tropical regions that tend to be hot and wet, get a backpack that is light, water-proof and created in a way that air can circulate between your back and your pack.


A wet backpack can cause considerable pain to your shoulders.


For colder climates and high altitude climbing choose a backpack that is waterproof and a lot more rugged. To make things easy, if you want one backpack to suit all weathers and conditions just get an all-weather backpack.


Backpack manufacturers that the pros swear by
The North Face
Eagle Creek
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