Here Is Why You Should Not Eat Food In A Hurry!

Updated at: Aug 26, 2020
Here Is Why You Should Not Eat Food In A Hurry!

Do you eat food in a hurry? BEWARE! This habit can make you sick!

Tavishi Dogra
MiscellaneousWritten by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Aug 26, 2020

Do you eat food in a hurry? Have you heard this famous saying that a morsel should be chewed 32 times? This is true as it digests the food quickly (after eating) and the digestion works appropriately? This means that eating food frequently can harm your health. Due to the tumultuous and busy schedule, people are unable to eat food on time, and hence they finish it in a hurry. Doing this can be harmful to you. Let us tell you the four significant disadvantages associated with this.

  • Eating fast often increases obesity: Many people consider food to be the cause of increased weight and reduce diet. But it is ignored that timely eating is necessary for a healthy body. People doing a job or business consume food in a hurry. By doing this, the digestive system can be damaged, due to which the fat in your body will increase, and you will become obese. Hence, it would be best if you try to avoid this habit as much as possible.

  • Do not consume food while walking or standing: Often you have seen people standing and eating at party, wedding or dinner programs. It has also become fashionable over time. But is this your habit even at home? If this is the case, it can destroy your digestive system. Also, standing and eating food does not make you hungry, and you eat more food. By doing this, your weight starts increasing.

  • Impact on mental health: Just as it is necessary to have timely food and daily diet, it is essential to eat slowly, chew, sit and eat comfortably. Eating affects the body mentally as well, and the mind remains calm. Also, eat food before you feel hungry because when you are starving, then you eat anything (without thinking and eating) more than necessary causes stomach problems.
  • Stomach gas: There can be many reasons for the formation of gas in the stomach, one of which is the habit of devouring food. In such a condition, it becomes difficult to digest food and problems like heaviness in the stomach and indigestion. Therefore, one should eat food slowly so that there is no gas or acidity in the stomach. Apart from this, sometimes people drink water to swallow food quickly, which is harmful to the body. This also causes the digestive system to deteriorate.

  • May increase blood sugar: Yes, you may also be shocked to read that eating food fast can increase your blood sugar. Eating fast food starts insulin resistance in the body, due to which your blood sugar level increases. In the long run, this habit can make you a person living with diabetes. If you already have diabetes, eating fast or in a hurry can be very dangerous for you. So you should always eat food slowly and chew it properly.

Conclusion: According to scientists, we should always eat our food slowly, chew it well and taste it. This makes food easy to digest. The habit of eating food frequently can be dangerous for your health.

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