Why Sexual Desire Declines with Age

Dec 10, 2012

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Why dexual desire declines with age

It is possible to have enjoyable sex at every age but the passion does tend to invariably fade with age. Physical changes related to age or simply the routine of daily sex leading to boredom can cause this. In a survey conducted by AARP of USA, it was reported that more than half the men and women more than the age of 45 are less satisfied with their sex life than they were a decade ago.

Some of the causes identified for the effect of age on sex life are:


In women, menopause starts around 45 years of age. The hormonal changes that occur around this period make the vagina shorter and stiffen the vaginal walls. This means that vaginal lubrication is reduced. This makes having sex difficult for woman and her partner.


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Health conditions

With age, the chances of having diseases such as diabetes, stroke, dementia, heart disease and others increase in men and women. It not only makes your sex life uncomfortable but also hinders you in your ability.



Erectile dysfunction or impotency can affect older men. It is the lack of ability to produce semen and/or maintain erection. This medical condition which needs to be treated separately.


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There are some types of medications that for depression, blood pressure and treatment of other medical conditions that can ruin your ability to have sex with their impact on hormones.


Emotional troubles

The changes in your body can make you insecure about your appearance and this would turn your psyche into believing that sex is no longer meant for you. If such a state of mind is beset with health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure, you are inclined to feel yourself unable or improper to have sex.


Despite the abovementioned factors being strong determinants of sexual behaviour in your old age, there is no reason why you should not try to get it back if it is a must. However, it would not be an advisable thing to do if you are happy and content with your life without sex. The real cause for concern is when you are not done with your desire to have sex and long for the earlier days of your youth to come back. Know that sex can continue even in your 70s and 80s, if you must. That is not a must but you can have it if you need it.


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