Deep Health Coach Explains Why Quick And Short Term Diets Are Harmful To Your Body

Updated at: Feb 21, 2021
Deep Health Coach Explains Why Quick And Short Term Diets Are Harmful To Your Body

Are your detox programs not working on your body? Know the reason behind this by Simrun Chopra (Deep Health Coach).

Tavishi Dogra
Weight ManagementWritten by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Feb 21, 2021

It is a popular concept that Detox diets cleanse the body by eliminating toxins. Followers of detox programs also claim that it improves one’s health and promotes weight loss. After extensive research on this topic, we have come to realise that they are not needed. Do you know that our bodies are capable of detoxing on their own? One of the main functions of our kidneys, liver and colon. The trouble begins when we, with our lifestyle choices, get in the way of this natural cleanse by consuming things that we shouldn’t. "Nutrition training has made to rely on scientific knowledge and research. If you look deep into what these detox diets do, you will see that they recommend eliminating highly processed foods with excessive solid fats and sugars. Avoiding these high-calorie and low-nutrition foods for a few days will make you feel better. Create a placebo effect. The moment you stop, though, things go back to the way they were, more often than not" states Simrun Chopra, Deep Health Coach.

Fad diets for weight loss

Deep Health Coach says that "detox diets, fad diets and those short term weight loss options are not the right way to go. Any weight loss from these programs is probably water, carb stores and intestinal bulk, all of which comes back as soon you are done with the program. We feel the need to do these short term diets, cut out carbs, overload on proteins just to shed some weight. These are often undertaken explicitly around special functions, celebrations, festivals etc. when we want to look our best."

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So why do a short term detox diet at all? 

detox diet

What a detox program espouses needs to become a part of our daily lives. These programs severely limit the consumption of certain food groups that can result in fatigue. Some detox diets recommend fasting. Long term fasting can result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies; a situation you do not want to be in. Fad diets, detox programs, and so many others do not work, in my opinion. For the simple reason that they are a short term fix. It is not permanent.

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Takeaway Tip By Deep Health Coach

Deep Health Coach

One should practice a philosophy based on in-depth health. It is about bringing together good nutrition and diet, a physically active lifestyle and what we like to call active rest. It is about taking care of all aspects of our lives to be the best possible version of ourselves. Not just about looking good. We have to be happy with who we are. Be active. Go outside. Breathe clean air. Indulge in real human connection with family members and friends. Express what makes you happy. Live with purpose.


Live with purpose

In-depth health can change your life. It is not about rules or ideals. It is about self-exploration. It is about becoming better by eliminating things that aren’t good for us. This way, we learn to adjust and fine-tune our minds and bodies. We start becoming better at identifying what is good for us and what is not. Then, we start changing to become better.

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