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Curves in Women as it Appears to Men

Men's Health By Arka Roy Chowdhury , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jun 19, 2014
Curves in Women as it Appears to Men

Men throughout the world freeze at the sight of a curvy babe. It is something about those broad hips, and the narrow waist line that makes men go mad. Let us understand the preoccupation men have with curves.

She is laying face down, her bottom sticking out, semi naked, wrapped by a white sheet with only the small of her back bathing under the afternoon sun. You are wondering, what is it about those curves that are driving you so crazy?

Real men as they say prefer women with curves. You can never have enough of their hips, their waist that curves inwards before running out to meet their bottom, their breasts that shape so perfectly well, or something as simple as the nape of their neck. Men rate women most attractive when their waist size is 60 to 70 percent of their hip size; this was found by the late psychologist Devendra Singh. He did a series of studies that was kick started 20 years ago. Singh and cognitive neuroscientist Steven Platek in fact found that viewing women with curves can stimulate a reward system which lights up similar pleasure centres in the brain like that by cocaine and heroin!

curves in a woman

The Rule Book

Ever wondered what it is about those Playboy Playmates that makes you want to worship them? The fact is that men are simply working with certain mechanics that are unknown to them. A playmate or any adult film star has bust, waist and hip sizes that read, 35-23-35. This means that her waist is very small, and you have to understand that because her waist is very small, her body looks even curvier. Compare this with a normal girl from any university campus; she on an average would have a waist which is 75 percent of her hip size, compared to an adult film star who has her waist 66 percent of her hip size. Thereby, this suggests that men are smitten by the sight of women who have normal size hips with small waists, which in turn makes them look curvy.

So, the fact of the matter is that an adult film star has her other parts pretty normal, pretty normal size hips and legs that have well endowed fat. She is a treat to the eyes, because her waist is so small, and that makes her look very attractive. Curves matter! Even a thin woman carries fat in her legs and hips, which constitutes about a third of her body weight and men do admire fat located there!

The Greater Message

Human mothers have seven times more body fat than other animals, and human babies have a body part which is seven times larger than the one we find in animals, it is the brain which grows the fastest in the first two years of life. The human brain stores fluid and fat and has a particular kind of oega-3 fat known as DHA or docosahexaenoic acid. It comes from what we eat.

A human baby is in increasing need for this DHA, which the mother cannot provide from her daily diet. Most of the DHA found in mother’s milk comes from what she has stored over the years in her lower body fat. Therefore you can say that this is why first born children tend to be smarter than the siblings, since the mother’s DHA levels are the greatest for the first child.

men love curves in women

Now what is the relevance of all this? Studies suggest that women with hourglass figures have more DHA stored in their body fat, and because DHA is responsible better brain function, curvier women tend to give birth to smarter children.

It could be that there are reasons why men like such curvy women. Furthermore, thin waist means that the woman has not been pregnant before and there childbearing is untapped, and they are less likely to die during child birth. Women who have high BMIs and more waist fat tend to have first babies who grow too large to deliver; this could be fatal for mother and the baby. Now these desirable qualities of women with small waists get men attracted to them. This is also why you see that imaginary women like the ones depicted
in cartoons seem to have incredibly thin waists.

Narrow waist and curvy hips is the dream of all men the world over. Is it sinful? Is it lustful? Could be, but the sight of her in full bloom is an intoxicating kick.

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