Why Men Don't Like To Wear Condoms?

Jun 29, 2011

Quick Bites:

Man holding condomMen do not like to wear condoms because it alters the sexual sensation. The piece of latex worn on the penis does no good for the physical sensation. Another problem is that while trying to put it on, the change of focus is a major turn-off for them. When couples are in the middle of the sexual act, diverting from it to do something decidedly unromantic is not desirable by men. They need to do it for obvious reasons i.e. protection from STDs or unwanted pregnancy.


A research undertaken by Diane M. Grimley, PhD, chairperson of the Department of Health Behaviour at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, have shown findings that rather than wearing a condom, men prefer to take a chance in a fit of excitement. The safety that is ensured by wearing condom from HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is not compelling enough for them to be strict about wearing condoms. They would rather do it and face the consequences later.


Grimley’s research paper was published in the American Journal of Health Behaviour. Her research pointed out that the problem of men not using condoms is especially relevant to men who have multiple partners and no clear sense of relationship. She added that women who have an intercourse with a man infected with any STD is likely to contract it even if she does it only once. This is why it is important to focus on men too when talking of STD prevention. Given the fact that men contribute as much as women in STD transmission, there should be equal focus on men when planning to prevent these diseases.


The study further elaborated that even though these men knew that using condoms would prevent the spread of STDs, they were reluctant to use it constantly. Men who had one sexual partner asserted that they were committed for a long-term relationship and cited that as the reason for their reluctance to use the condom.


These attitudes have been further researched and results seem to indicate that relationship issues play an important part for men and women alike in deciding upon using the condoms or not. The most intriguing part of the study is that men do not mind getting treatment after having symptoms of STDs but the easy way out of wearing a condom does not find favour with them. Alcoholics and drug abusers are least likely to use condoms.


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