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Why Kids Cry at School?

Tips for Parent By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Aug 22, 2012
Why Kids Cry at School?

Why kids cry at school: Kids cry at school because they find it difficult to reconcile themselves to the new environment. Other reasons such as clashes in the family and inclination to throw tantrums in public also contribute to kids crying in pub

Why Kids Cry at School

Attending school can be a tense experience for some children. Children with special needs can face problems in realising what is expected of them. It can make them face social exclusion with great pains endured. Moreover, it can make them find their work confusing and stressful. As a parent, you may feel like taking over from your child and resolve the problem with minimum of fuss. But, if you knew why kids cry at school, it could help you overcome their fears.

Fear of the unknown


Your child’s mind is in a formative stage and it is bound to resist changes. So, when you start his schooling, they are inclined to feel the fear of the unknown. As they are not sure about what will happen in school and moreover, they do not find the idea of being away from the parents acceptable. All these factors play an important part in making your child cry at school. It is important that parents try to make the child realise that going to school is something fun as otherwise your child may develop a dislike for studies. They should not threaten their child with a punishment if they express that they would like to go to school.


Temper tantrums


Your child may become prone to throwing tantrums in public. These are caused by frustration from something which has made the child angry. It is either because the child is not strong enough or because his body is not physically capable enough to do something. If the child’s body is not well coordinated enough to perform some activity, he will feel angry. The child needs to give vent to his disgust by crying and you should be prepared for it.



Fear is different from phobia. If your child is afraid of snakes, he is afraid only on seeing one or finding it close to him. In case of a phobia, your child would be afraid to the extent of being hysterical even on seeing a picture of one, when he thinks about it, and when anything reminds him of one. This can make him cry. You need to help your child overcome this fear by convincing him that what he considers dangerous, such as a picture of something, is actually harmless.

Clashes in family


If your child perceives a lot of disgust and confrontation in the family, he is bound to feel the heat of it. It can make him uncomfortable which expresses in the form of anger. Children have a tendency to be peace makers in the family because they do not like if the persons they love most, i.e. their parents, do not seem to love each other. So, when they find the safety of their home at risk, they are naturally inclined to feel worse than they do at school.

Good parenting necessitates that you work towards kids who feel safe at school and actually find it fun. Find a good playschool to ensure this.


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