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WHO calls Ebola Outbreak a World Threat

Latest By Arka Roy Chowdhury , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Aug 08, 2014
WHO calls Ebola Outbreak a World Threat

The Ebola disease which has gripped West Africa and is claiming numerous lives has now been declared as a world threat by the World Health Organization.

ebola in west africaAs West Africa struggles with the Ebola outbreak, the World Health Organization declares a public health emergency that needs immediate response. WHO had also responded in a similar manner regarding Swine Flu in 2009, and for Polio in the May this year.

It has been said that the fatal disease is spreading in nations which did not have the adequate resources to deal with it and therefore it called for international solidarity. Margaret Chan, the head of WHO has also contemplated that many countries may not be directly affected by the outbreak.

The West African communities are struggling to lead a normal life as the virus is causing havoc in the region. The virus happens to spread very easily through bodily fluids and is very dangerous as well as difficult to treat. The outbreak began in the month of March is said to be the largest and the longest in the history of the disease.

The World Health Organization had set up a committee of experts to establish the seriousness of the Ebola outbreak. The disease had started in Guinea and then spread to Sierra Leona and Liberia.

The death toll has hit 900 people and the total numbers of cases stand at more than 1,700. The disease has a fatality rate of 50%.
"Experiences in Africa over nearly four decades tell us clearly that, when well-managed, an Ebola outbreak can be stopped," Margaret Chan said in a statement after the meeting.

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