When your Wife is Bossing at Work

Updated at: Mar 13, 2013
When your Wife is Bossing at Work

Have you ever thought what it would be like if your wife is the boss? Read to know!

Arka Roy Chowdhury
DatingWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Sep 28, 2012

When your Wife is Bossing at Work

The stilettos walking past your office desk looks very familiar, and the stocking that has engulfed those long legs in a dark shaded fantasy taunts your patriarchal mindset. A quick glance at your co-workers and yes, everyone is trying to look at the bit of skin show on the upper thigh, and in between the fear of getting caught are dodging glances at you. If heading finances at home wasn’t enough then here you are with your wife as your boss at work.


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There are chances that you will either be the most diligent man at work, or you may just be a frustrated husband bounded by your patriarchal upbringing. Thomas Hardy’s much celebrated novel, Far from the Madding Crowd has the protagonist Gabriel Oak in love with Bathsheba. Much to his dismay she began to head a farmland in which farmer Oak got a job. It is not the same situation as yours, but none the less, to have the woman of your life sit atop on a pedestal while you clean the path she walks on is quite unbecoming to think of, isn’t it so?


Some ways you can work things out with your wife, who is the boss at work -


•    Be normal and appreciative – Your wife is a part of you and you must remember that. Do not start to be critical about her and never de-motivate her. Of course unless she is giving you a hard time, then you must solve matters by talking. The appropriate thing for you to do is to be supportive of your wife and go about your days work in a normal fashion.


•    Don’t get playful – She is your wife, true; both of you to have sex at work, false. So do not get mushy with her at office hours, think of it, you are hitting on your boss! Those stockings will wait for you in the bedroom, for now just relax pal. It can make her angry and it can also create a lot of gossip and ill will. [Read: Why do Men Flirt in Office?]


•    Bonding – Everyone knows that you are married couple, so why not go have lunch together? After all, you can have lunch with your boss, right? And the best part is, here you will never face any speculation which you may have faced while dining with other female bosses. She is your wife and you should bond over lunch.


•    Accept Criticism – Learn to accept criticism from your wife, be very careful when she calls you for some kind of a blunder. A calm body language will work in your favour.You being submissive may strike a little love in her after all! Did you know about the store room in your office?  We bet she does, and even keeps the spare key! But, oh no, we’re not hinting on sex. A little one-on-one conversation is doable, isn’t it?


•    Togetherness – You can come in and go out together, but do not start texting love messages at work. Try and restrain from such activities, they harm the productivity of your work.


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You may face a whole different situation if your wife is the very obnoxious type. By this we mean if she is feminist or worse a pseudo-feminist (most women tend to be this kind), then you have had it dear friend. She will take revenge on behalf of the women of the world. She will despise you, mock you, scold you and break you down. But if not, then you dear friend can enjoy the love of your boss; not many are as fortunate!


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