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When to See a Sex Therapist

Snr By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Feb 27, 2012
When to See a Sex Therapist

Sex therapy involves techniques to develop intimacy between partners. Those who have relationship problems should visit a sex therapist.

When to see a sex therapistIf you are facing sex problems, a sex therapist might be what you need but one needs to know the nature of his problems first. The job of a sex therapist is mostly to do with counselling and he can be a psychologist, a psychiatrist, marriage or family therapist. For complications that are mostly physical in nature, such as metabolic imbalance, ageing, a medical condition, side-effects of medications, alcohol and smoking, you need to see your regular doctor.

If you are clueless about your problem and not able to sort out whether it is physical in nature or otherwise, educate yourself more about with the help of a reliable educational material. Better still, ask your doctor. He would surely be able to recommend whether you need to be treated for physical problems or see a sexologist.

An overview of what happens in sex therapy would help in understanding whether it is time to undergo it or not.

In sex therapy, the problem to solve is the human body along with the emotional issues that underlie the physical symptoms. They are recommended certain exercises which have to be performed after the therapy of the day is over. In other words, they cannot be done in a therapy setting. One such therapeutic technique is called sensate focus. It involves the couples massaging and caressing each other without getting sexual about it. It has psychological purpose of making the couples feel good about being together and safe in each other’s company. This naturally leads to genital stimulation with more pleasure than before.

These exercises are helpful in diseases such as women’s inability to have an orgasm and men’s erectile problems. These problems can be resolved within a period of 2 months to a year of this therapy. People who have endured sexual trauma or confused about their sexual orientation can undergo such treatments. After these therapies have begun to evolve strong feelings, these are analysed through psychotherapy. The main focus of all this exercise is improving communication between the couples and developing greater intimacy in their relationship. So, even the physical remedies recommended have that final objective in mind.

When compared with treatment for other problems that inhibit your sexual life, sex therapy can be seen as more of a psychological treatment. If your relationship is going through a bad phase, it can be of great help but make sure that this is indeed the case by a thorough medical check up. This would ensure that there is no underlying medical condition that is causing problems in your sexual function.


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