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When is The Right Time to Say 'I Love You'

Updated at: Nov 05, 2012
Written by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Oct 31, 2012
When is The Right Time to Say 'I Love You'

Saying the L word can be difficult, as it needs timely precision, but not many of us actually pay much heed to it. This is us, trying to explain to you that there is a time for everything, and you must know what time is love time.

When is The Right Time to Say I Love You

Love is whatever you think it is; the rest are perceptions of people who fall in and out of love, because the only time you get a major epiphany about the ‘L’ word is when you have lost it. But you do not pay heed to the nuances of a heart break; you grew up listening to stories about Prince Charming, and were taught that stupid cupid strikes the true heart, much like how dear Santa gifts only good kids. But, is there a right time to blurt out the magical, ‘I love you’? Sure, there is.


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Wait a Few Months

It is best to wait for a few months and then say pop out the ‘I Love You’, because you need to weigh the odds of your relationship If you merely ‘think’ that you hold a special place in the other person’s life, then you need to brace yourself for a major heartbreak.


Remorse is not the Right Time

Unless you are Clark Gable who has found his Vivien Leigh, do not propose your love during unstable times, only Gone with the Wind could have the heroine accepting love at a time when she is wrecked post the American Civil War (that too for his money, yes love can be honest at times). So, avoid all those times when the other person is emotionally or mentally unstable, it would only infuriate him or her; propose when he or she is in a good mind frame; happy, and stable.


Be Sure

The most important thing to realise when trying to propose your love is to be sure of it. Do not say, I love you, just because being in love is in vogue, or popular culture is making a great deal out of it. Much of what you think is love could be infatuation and the chances are that your heart will forget that wave of love the moment you are done with her longs legs or his six packs. So, in order to avoid regret, be sure of your heart and know when to propose.


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When you are Sober

Most men drop the L bomb when drunk, and women do it too. Well, all we can say is, drunkenness doesn’t even allow you to take control of the steps you take, how is it supposed to make you sure of your love?Propose when you are in a sober state of mind, being drunk is first of all not cool, and second, you will make a fool out of yourself. Your emotions may run high, but save it for the next morning.


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Out of the million people , you have set your eyes upon someone, and we are guessing that you aren’t even sure why. All we can however say is make your love story count, and you will know the why.


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