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When to have Sex to get Pregnant?

Snr By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jul 11, 2011
When to have Sex to get Pregnant?

When to have Sex to get Pregnant? If you are trying to get pregnant then the best time to have sex is the period of ovulation of your menstrual cycle.

When to have Sex to get Pregnant

There are many myths on when a woman can become pregnant and when she can’t. Women mostly believe that sex at any point of cycle will make them pregnant. But in reality ovulation is the best time to have sex to get pregnant. If you are trying to get pregnant then it is essential to be attentive to the physical changes of your body. By keeping a close eye you can easily discover physical signs of ovulation i.e. the best time for getting pregnant.


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Determine when you Ovulate


You need to first detect ovulation before planning pregnancy and time your sexual intercourse in accordance with it. Every month, the hormonal changes in a women's body causes the  release of an egg. The egg later travels to the uterus though the fallopian tube. This stage is referred to as ovulation. There are many ways of knowing the time when your ripe egg is released from the ovary.


  • Women with regular menstrual cycle: Those women who have a regular menstrual cycle can simply calculate their ovulation period. In an average menstrual cycle of 28 days, ovulation occurs before 14 days of period. So you can easily get the date of your ovulation by deducting 14 days from the length of your cycle.
  • Women with irregular menstrual cycle: In case your menstrual cycle is not regular you can know your time of ovulation by using an ovulation production kit, by monitoring your body temperature and by changes in your cervical mucus.


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When to have Sex to get Pregnant?


Whether you have regular or irregular menstrual cycle, the best time to have sex to get pregnant is when your mucus become slippery, stretchy and clear. Volume of mucus noticeably increases with the rising level of estrogen.


A study done by University of North Carolina to find out the better predictor of sex that will lead to pregnancy states that the day you notice fertile cervical mucus is the best day to have intercourse to get pregnant. This is because it aids the survival of sperms and increases your chances of getting pregnant. According to some researches, sex before the sixth day of ovulation increases the possibility of becoming pregnant.  


Most of couples who are trying to have baby have sex only during the ovulation period. The problem with this practice is that if you have miscalculated your ovulation date then you will only be disappointed.


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Some research studies have shown that sperm quality and quantity is at peak after one to two days of abstinence from sex. And it diminishes greatly after ten days. So if you are waiting for your signs of ovulation and didn’t have sex for several days then the sperms of your partner may not be as fertile as needed for you to conceive.


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