When Falling for a Friend

Updated at: Jan 22, 2013
When Falling for a Friend

An intense friendship with your friend from the opposite sex has now resulted in something else. Love is brewing inside you, love for your friend, find out more on this here.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
DatingWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Jan 21, 2013

A friend is an important person in one’s life; most people attach their friends with most of their life’s events. There is a great possibility that you could fall in love with your friend, and wouldn’t that be the best thing, to have your friend as your lover? We have brought to you a guide that will help you to make that move, from friend to lover. You should at least give a try!


If you have been contemplating the possibility of your friend turning into your lover, and have asked yourself a numerous times whether it is real or no, then this is for you. Of course you must have sidelined the idea and watched him or her go out on dates with other people, or worse, may have listened to their thrilling story of how the eyes met and he or she fell in love with some random person. How sad is that!

From Friends to Lovers

This transition needs to happen, and happen very subtly, never rush on such a delicate matter. Half of it is already there, it is right for everyone to see, everyone even says so! They always talk behind your back and rumour has it that the two of you are going out, and if it is so evident then why not confirm it? Yes, we know, the friendship holds you back, and truth be told you will have to understand the difference between being friends and being lovers if you want him or her very much. Unless of course you have already started to behave like lovers, and do not really know that yet. You must however not worry, as the difference is negligible, as most lovers are first good friends.


Take your heart in your hand and hand it to your friend, do not think of anything, this is the only way to solve matters when you know that love is brewing.

The Difference between being Friends and Lovers

As mentioned earlier, there isn’t really a vast difference between the two. The two of you could be like before, only when together and alone things could take a new turn, and we are sure it would be one fun turn to take. So now you will have to start worrying about sex, and that is not a bad thing actually. There will be more of touching and caressing when you become lovers, and things can get fun. You used to share a lot as friends, and now you would share the bed!
There will however be a threatening factor; when you are in love things could get more demanding. As friends you didn’t really have to be accountable for your personal actions to anyone, now you will have to. Everything you do will affect him or her in some way or the other. Also, when you were friends you probably shared a lot of secrets and that that could make things very difficult when the tide hits a high. Knowing each other is fine, but not to a great extent, this is the bitter truth about romantic relationships.

And hey, coming back to the talk of sex there is another problem; a lover has to be terrific in bed. Are you reading?


Friend to Lover Guide

Now because we want you to be sure of your feelings, we have enlisted some notions here below.

Notion 1: You know what your friend is like in a relationship; they may become too possessive and that will make you think that being friends was far better. So, analyse the pros and cons of how your friend is as a lover.


Notion 2: Try and make a note your friend’s irritating habits that get you angry, and think whether you will be able to live with them for long.


Notion 3: Compromise is a big part of a relationship and you must figure out of you can do all the compromising that is needed.


Notion 4: As mentioned earlier, too many secrets have been shared, so can you live with all of them? If yes, then go ahead and if no, then think again!


Notion 5: Is it just that you want to have sex with your friend or love is actually brewing in your heart? This is a big one, as you don’t want to lose interest after the first night of sweet love.


Above all, think whether this is just an infatuation or really love, the most vulnerable are those who only have one special friend from the opposite sex and thus think that this is it.


They say love is blind, this is very true, but blinded people do not always gain much from love. Be sure you are not one.




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