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What your Gas says about Your Health

Other Diseases By Vasudha Bhat , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Mar 05, 2015
What your Gas says about Your Health

Production of gas in the body could be due to numerous reasons. However, if it happens more frequently it could be a sign of alarming conditions. Here is what your gas says about your health.

No matter how discomfort and embarrassment it may cause, gas is a way of life and it happens to all of us. However, if your body is producing more gas than usual there may be something your body is trying to tell you. Following are some health and eating-related habits which can be the culprit behind your sudden release of stink.

Causes of Gas

Bacterial Overgrowth

Whatever you put inside your belly is fermented by bacteria in the colon. However, some of the bacteria can make their way into the small intestine, leading to bacterial overgrowth there. Here the bacteria encounters food even before it is done digesting and it ferments together, causing gas. Bacterial imbalance could also take place in the gut, especially if you have suffered from some kind of illness.

Eating Really Quickly

There are very high chances that if you are eating quickly, eating while talking to someone or even chewing gum, you are taking in a lot of air. When you take in a lot of air, a high amount gas will be produced in the body. This gas will find a way out somehow and in most cases it will be as a burp.

Consuming Lot of Dairy

Digesting milk and milk products is easier when you are young. However, as you age handling dairy products can become a little tough for your body. If dairy products have always been a cause of discomfort in the stomach, it is recommended to eliminate it completely from the diet.

Causes of Gas

Celiac Disease or Gluten Sensitivity

When the body faces trouble breaking down certain kind of foods, it indicates you producing gas. When a person suffers from celiac or any other autoimmune diseases, malabsorption problems occur and the body stops reacting properly to gluten and starts breaking down lining of the small intestine.

Hormonal Changes

When the body undergoes a hormonal change, like it does during menopause, it can signal it through passing off some gas. Some hormonal changes can lead to constipation eventually causing production of gas.


Not being able to poop is annoying enough. However, nature has its ways to mess around. Your poop is primarily made up of bacteria so when you have a lot of it in your system fermenting, you tend to release a lot of gas. Drink lots of water, exercise and include good sources of fiber in your diet.

Body is More Sensitive to Gas

In some people, the production of gas may be a tad bit more than others. It is not necessary that they produce more gas than someone else, but they could experience more irritation caused by symptoms like bloating, sharp gas pains and flatulence.

You could combat all these problems if you identify them timely. So, stop being embarrassed about your farts and start taking them seriously.

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