The Hidden Secrets of Labour now Unveiled

Mar 16, 2012

Quick Bites:
  • Appearance of labour signs varies from woman to woman.
  • The position of your baby varies during labour.
  • You will feel extremely irritated during labour.
  • Eating sweets can help you to get your mood back right up.

It is not necessary that you have all the information about labour, there are scraps of information that go without any mention. Just like that even childbirth has some information which is not given to you.


What you Didnt Know About Labour

A pregnant woman undergoes a lot of labour pain in delivery.  Appearance of labour signs varies from woman to woman. Some women show very prominent ones while some show very little signs of labour during pregnancy.

There are a lot of information on pregnancy, labour and childbirth on the internet, but there are certain things that are not told. It is not because it is not known, but simply because your medical practitioners do not want you to worry. Also at times they just tend to forget!

Here are some of those labour secrets that you did not know.

  • The position of the baby can vary during labour - If also your doctor has said that you are going to have a normal delivery, the position of the baby can change anytime during labour. You can have a caesarean at the last moment. Therefore it’s always better to make yourself mentally prepared for both.
  • Vomiting is normal during labour - Some women feel nauseated during labour. It is a very normal occurrence. It can occur as a result of some medication, pain or due to indigestion caused by labour.
  • Blabbering is normal - Women do blabber while they are in labour. They talk rapidly and their teeth chatter. It may occur due to incomparable foetal blood entering into their blood stream.
  • Gastric problem is normal - If you are in labour, it’s normal to have gastric and bowel problems. It happens due to pressure exerted on the birth canal and constriction of the sphincter passage.
  • You may feel uncomfortable - Labour brings great deal of mood swings in you. Due to hormonal changes, you may feel uncomfortable and irritable. Your body heat can increase suddenly, making you feel itchy and sweaty.
  • You feel irritated - Labour brings a lot of pain and this can make you dislike the entire process of giving birth. It takes a little time to recover from that pain, but soon after your baby is born you will forget the pain.
  • Pain does not end with delivery - Delivery is not the end of your pain as your body needs time to recover fully.  The pain can persist for a longer time, but you have to be patient to get over it.
  • Eat something sweet - Eat something sweet such as cookies during labour. This can change your mood and is also good for your taste buds.

Labour is a painful experience and it brings numerous changes in you. A woman should be aware of some of the basic labour symptoms so that it becomes easy for her to adjust to the psychological and physical changes experienced during labour.


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