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What are the types of female condoms

Snr By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jul 10, 2015
What are the types of female condoms

Female condoms are the only birth control device for women that provide protection against both unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Female condoms are the barrier contraceptive use to prevent both unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). When used in the directed manner they provide 79 to 95 percent protection. Condoms for female are soft, thin and loose-fitting sheath that have flexible ring at both the ends. Today, there are various type of condoms are available for women.

Female condom types

FC condom

Female condoms (FC) are made up of polyurethane, they also contain lubricant. The best part is that the lubricants in FC do not have any spermicide. They are also known as ‘reality condom’.

Female condom is like a loose fitted plastic tube. It is worn inside the vagina wherein, the open end remains outside the vagina while the closed end covers the cervix.

FCs has been extensively tested for its safety, efficacy and reliability. This condom is approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Female condom types

FC2 condom

FC2 are economical than the original Female Condom (FC) as they are made up of synthetic nitrile which is comparatively cheaper. FC2 has same design and usage as was that of the FC. However, FC2 are more affordable, reliable and have high quality.

The inner ring facilitated insertion while the outer ring helps condom to be on right place during the intercourse. Like FC, FC2 needs to be inserted prior to have optimum protection against unwanted pregnancy and STDs such as HIV/AIDS. Like its original version FC2 is also approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Path women's condom

Path women condom is the latest female condom that is in its final phase of clinical testing. It is the last phase before getting approval from U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Path condoms are made of polyurethane. Many women complain that the inner ring of the condom cause pain so it is been replaced by foam dots. Inner ring of the condom is replaced by foam dots for easy insertion. Besides this polyurethane is refined to get softer and thinner product, this provides more comfort to the person using it.

VA w.o.w. condom

VA Wow condom looks like a normal female condom. It is made up of latex material and has flexible V frame along with foldable inner sponge that holds the condom during sex. VA Wow condoms are lubricated and claim to have 97% customer satisfaction. Even though this condom is available in the market from 2009 but is still waiting for FDA’s approval.

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