What Turns Her Off?

Feb 20, 2012

Quick Bites:

What turns her off“What does a woman want?” is  one of those great questions that even the most well-renowned psychologist, Sigmund Freud, could not answer. Tens of reams of paper and reels of films have been used to describe a woman. Biologists have spent a lifetime unraveling the mystery of a woman, but she remains to be a mystery. This enigma embodies her beauty.

Things that turn her off

  • Underestimation on being the fairer sex

The thing that turns her off the most is being under-estimated. Throughout history, men were considered hunters and women were known to be gatherers. Women created and nurtured life while men tortured and destroyed life by way of war/s. This ‘fairer sex’ presumption of women being fragile and incapable is clichéd, but widely believed even today. Beauty being synonymous with weakness is as misplaced as beauty of a fiery panther being considered weak.

  • Falling in the cliché of ‘beautiful and stupid’, ‘ugly and intelligent’

In an attempt to simplify things, we tend to generalize traits.  Bracketing a woman’s physical beauty with stupidity and ugliness with her intelligence adds to a woman’s displeasure. A book should never be judged by its cover.

  • Assumption that a woman must be ambidextrous to prove her worth

Such prejudices have rendered women to expectations to prove their worth. The fact that she is complete in herself is disregarded and the expectations of being a sacrificing homemaker or a multi-tasking woman is thrust upon her.

  • Belonging to somebody.

The famous dialogue “Mere pas ma hai” from the movie ‘Deewar’ can best sum up this point. Women in our society are seen as somebody’s property.  She is a daughter, sister or a wife but not an individual.

Things in men that turn her off


  • Under-confidence

Men unsure of their motives are highly undesirable.

  • Needy men are completely disagreeable.
  • Men with crude sense of humor are a big turn off for women.  
  • If under is a no-no, so is over.

An over powering persona of men, which might include a strong cologne or a controlling nature ,in general, is highly undesirable.

  • Disinterest

A woman, most essentially, seeks respect, absence of which will make her insecure. Paying attention and understanding her needs are ways to show her that she is important.

  • Pretentious behaviour is a deterrent.

Women are beings with heightened sensitivity towards emotions. She is not carved with codes to be deciphered. As all individuals are different and express the need to be understood the way they are, even she needs to be understood as she is: as an individual.


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