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What is the treatment of Tooth Sensitivity?

Updated at: Dec 01, 2014
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Written by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Oct 25, 2012
What is the treatment of Tooth Sensitivity?

A tingling sensation while drinking hot or cold beverages is called tooth sensitivity. Low-abrasion toothpastes containing formulations can be used for tooth sensitivity.

A tingling sensation while drinking hot or cold beverages is called tooth sensitivity. The inner nerves of the teeth are protected by a hardened structure known as enamel. In case, this hardened mass gets weakened due to some reason, the inner nerves of the teeth become exposed resulting in sensitivity towards heat. The sensitiveness may be localised in a single tooth or may occur in all teeth. There are several factors that turn tooth sensitive to heat.


tooth sensitivity


Extreme temperature changes within the exposed dental nerves cause quick inflow and outflow of the fluids producing the tingling sensation in the teeth. Toothpastes in such cases cannot be of much help. Maintaining dental health is essential to protect the tooth enamel from wearing off, preventing sensitivity of tooth towards heat and increasing its longevity.



Most important consult your dentist. In most people it can be treated successfully. You may be prescribed a brush-on fluoride gel or a fluoride rinse. Low-abrasion toothpastes containing formulations particularly for sensitive teeth may be useful. Consult your dentist regarding the right anti-sensitivity products for you.

Brush carefully. Do not apply too much pressure, as it can cause your teeth to wear away, and gums to recede making them sensitive. Consult your dentist to learn the proper technique of brushing.



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