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    What is the Treatment for Tooth Decay?

    Dental Health By Rory Coen , Onlymyhealth editorial team / May 24, 2011
    What is the Treatment for Tooth Decay?

    What is the Treatment for Tooth Decay?- Tooth decay  must be given immediate attention as it can lead to deadly pain. This article gives you detail account of treatment of tooth decay.

    Having a toothacheIf you have been diagnosed with tooth decay by your dentist, then you will need to go through a series of treatments to cure it. You will not want to let it proceed without getting the proper treatment as the pain of tooth decay can be shocking. This article looks at what the treatment for tooth decay will entail.


    Flouride Treatment


    Flouride is very important to your dental health, and it is prevalent in many dental products such as toothpaste and mouthwash. There should also be healthy traces of it in natural tap water. Flouride helps to prevent cavities and tooth decay and it’s generally the first thing dentists advise or prescribe when they see traces of tooth decay.

    Alternately the dentist may decide that the affected teeth need a concentrated version of fluoride and this can be applied as a gel or a paste and left on for a period of time. This procedure may need to be done a couple of times.



    When the tooth decay has eroded deeper than the enamel, the dentist will advise getting it filled. The cavity in the affected tooth is refilled with a solution which will restore it to its former health. The filling is made of silver amalgam, composite resins, gold or ceramics. Silver amalgam – a mixture of metals like mercury and tin – is the most popular choice, as it’s the easiest to implement, and it’s not as expensive.



    When the tooth is almost irreparable, and a filling will only weaken it, another method is employed, called crowning. The decayed tooth is moved, and the area is treated and a crown or a covering jack is inserted. Crowns can be made of porcelain or gold.

    Root Canal Treatment is required in very extreme circumstances, i.e., when the nerves are also damaged. The pulp of the tooth – and the decayed part – are removed, and the area is sealed to prevent bacteria from infecting the exposed gum and causing gum diseases. This procedure is normally carried out by an orthodontist.


    Here are some ways to prevent tooth-decay:



    • Brush twice every day.
    • Rinse your mouth after each meal.
    • Avoid eating regular snacks when you can’t clean your teeth afterwards.
    • Eat foods like cheese, fruit and vegetables.
    • Use fluoride toothpaste.
    • Drink tap water, as this has fluoride in it.
    • Visit the dentist regularly.



    If you are wondering what the treatment for tooth-decay is, then this article should have given you a good idea of what lies ahead of you. Don’t let it get to the point where you need to have root canal treatment or have the tooth extracted because of negligence.


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