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When your Child is Afraid of the Doctor

Updated at: Aug 01, 2014
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Written by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Aug 01, 2014
When your Child is Afraid of the Doctor

Children are often scared to visit the doctor for check up, they do not like all that seriousness and are afraid of syringes. So as a parent your should do everything in your capacity to ensure that they feel safe and secure.

When the child was a child, he was a curious being; scared of the new, and oblivious of the dangerous. He would sit and cry looking at his own reflection on a Sunday at a barber shop; and he would almost always feel a sudden pang of anxiety and fear at the mention of a doctor.

Children do not like doctors. To start with, they are scared of the syringe and then there is that horrid tasting syrup. But concerned parents will always take their kids to the doctor or the dentist for a routine check, against the back ground score of wails and sobs. This is why child specialist doctors are always friendly with their little patients. They will make jokes and play the fool with children just to make them feel comfortable, otherwise a bearded man in a white over all with a syringe in hand can be a ghastly sight for children. In part, you should educate your child about the importance of visiting a doctor, and otherwise it should be like any other trip.

children scared of doctor

Explain the Importance

Tackle your child’s fears by explaining what will happen when you take your child to the doctor. Also, tell your child what would happen when he or she does not go to the doctor. You have to highlight the importance of a doctor and tell your child that going to the doctor should be a common practice for a lifetime. Also, inform your child in details about the stethoscope, the tongue depressor and so on.

Be a Role Model

You have to set example for the little one, children usually try to act like adults, and they want to behave how an adult would behave. Therefore, by being a role model you can do much good in this regard. You have to be casual about it and show your child confidence; you have make your child believe that a visit to the doctor is a very common habit and a good one too. You need to start going to the doctor for your needs too.

children scared of doctor

Provide Comfort

Your child can get nervous by getting separated from you, and this is why you should consider having him or her sit on your lap so that the little one feels confident and likes can feel secured. Children believe that nothing bad can happen to them when parents are around, and therefore providing this comfort can be of good help. Ask your child if he or she would like to get ears examined, and which ear should be examined first! These things will make them feel better and they will understand that they are in equal control of the situation.

Make them Look Forward to Something

When you leave the doctor’s office, shower your kid with hugs and kisses and praises. Tell your child how good he or she was inside the doctor’s chamber and take them someplace for a treat! Treat your child with an ice cream or take him or her to watch a movie. This will leave a pleasant memory in his or her mind and the dreadful doctor’s visit will thereafter turn into something nice and pleasant. No more worries from next time!

Children are often curious, and you could use this to your advantage by making him or her believe that there is everything new in a doctor’s chamber that will be of great interest! Because when the child was a child, everything was new.

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