What are the symptoms of Respiratory Failure?

Updated at: Jun 23, 2014
What are the symptoms of Respiratory Failure?

The signs and symptoms of respiratory failure depend on its underlying cause and the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood.

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What is Respiratory Failure?

A condition in which enough oxygen does not travel from your lungs into your blood, it is known as respiratory failure. Deprivation of oxygen means organ failure as all vital organs of the body function properly only when sufficient amount of oxygen is supplied to them.
Respiratory failure also occurs in a condition when the lungs become incapable of pumping out the carbon-di-oxide from the body. A high quantity of CO2 in the body can have adverse effects on all organs.

Respiratory Failure

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Respiratory Failure?

The signs of respiratory failure depend on the oxygen and carbon-di-oxide in the body. When enough oxygen is not pumped into the body, the person experiences breathlessness. The skin, lips, and fingernails of the person start appearing blue in colour when the body lacks oxygen supply.
On the contrary, when carbon-di-oxide accumulates in the body, it leads to fast breathing and impulsiveness.
Some patients also experience drowsiness and lose consciousness. Respiratory failure may also lead to abnormal heartbeats.

Respiratory Failure

What Causes Respiratory Failure?

Health disorders which have an effect the respiratory system can cause respiration failure. These diseases have an effect on the muscles, nerves, bones, or tissues which play a significant role in the breathing process.

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