What are the symptoms of Hydromyelia?

Updated at: Jun 06, 2015
What are the symptoms of Hydromyelia?

The symptoms of hydromyelia usually include weakness of the hands and arms, stiffness in legs and sensory loss in neck and arms. Severe pain in the neck may also be experienced in some cases.

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Hydromyelia is a condition in which an abnormal widening of the central canal of spinal cord that creates a cavity in which cerebrospinal fluid can accumulate. When the fluid starts building up, it can exert enormous amounts of pressure on the spinal cord and damage the nerve cells and their connections.

Sometimes hydromyelia can be interchangeably be used with syringomyelia, which is a condition which cavity develops in the spinal cord.

Symptoms of Hydromyelia

Symptoms of hydromyelia

The symptoms of hydromyelia which occur over span of time usually include weakness of the hands and arms, stiffness in the legs and sensory loss in the neck and arms. In some cases, severe pain in the neck and arms may be experienced.

Treatment for hydromyelia

In most cases, surgery is suggested for children by physicians. Surgery can be done if children experience moderate or severe neurological deficits. With help of surgical treatments, normal flow of spinal fluid could be established.

Symptoms of Hydromyelia

Prognosis for hydromyelia

Although the surgery can relieve permanently or temporarily relieve the symptoms but it can also lead to various other severe complications. In some cases, hydromyelia can get cured on its own without any medical treatment.

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