What are the Symptoms of Ectopic Pregnancy

Jun 02, 2011

Quick Bites:
  • Nausea and breast tenderness are the signs present in the early ectopic pregnancy.
  • Vaginal bleeding (brown in colour) is an early symptom of tubal pregnancy.
  • Shoulder and neck pain are also an indicative signs of ectopic pregnancy.
  • HCG level rise at slow pace in ectopic pregnancy than in normal pregnancy.

Ectopic Pregnancy is a life-threatening complication of pregnancy wherein, the embryo implants outside the uterus. Since it usually occurs in fallopian tube it is also referred to as tubal pregnancy. 

ectopic pregnancy signsEctopic pregnancy occurs in the first few weeks of pregnancy and is mostly detected within eight weeks of pregnancy. Typical symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea and breast tenderness are present in the early stage of ectopic pregnancy. However, in some of the cases tubal pregnancy there is no evident symptoms in the initial stage. In such cases, it is only after a week of first missed period that you notice-


Abdominal or Pelvic Pain

Pain in lower abdomen is an early sign of pregnancy. This pain occurs on one side of abdomen or pelvic area. The intensity of pain may vary but it is always present in case of ectopic pregnancy.


Vaginal bleeding

Vaginal bleeding is an early symptom of tubal pregnancy.  Usually brown in colour, it can range from light spotting to heavy bleeding.


Shoulder and Neck pain

Shoulder and neck pain are also an indicative signs of ectopic pregnancy. When shoulder pain is present along with other symptoms of ectopic pregnancy it must immediately attended. 

Rupture of fallopian tube cause irritation in the nerves thus leading to random pain in your shoulder and neck.  A ruptured ectopic pregnancy is a serious condition and can be fatal as well.



Dizziness and weakness are the other symptoms of pregnancy. In ectopic pregnancy, they are mainly caused due to blood loss and therefore must be given immediate attention.


Low blood pressure

Low blood pressure is mostly reported by women with ectopic pregnancy. Low blood pressure is mainly caused by internal bleeding followed by rupturing of eggs.


HCG Level

HCG is a pregnancy hormone that is produced in the early stages of pregnancy. In normal pregnancy the level of hCG rise at a rapid pace i.e. it doubles itself in every 2 to 3 day. On the contrary, hCG level rise at slow pace in ectopic pregnancy.

If not detected and treated at an early stage the ectopic pregnancy signs can worsen with time.  However, prompt medical treatment can save fallopian tube from rupturing and minimise the chances of complications.



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