What are the Symptoms of Craniosynostosis?

Updated at: Sep 12, 2014
What are the Symptoms of Craniosynostosis?

A misshaped skull of an infant is the most common sign of craniosynostosis. The soft spot on the baby’s skull may also be seen in some cases.

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What is Craniosynostosis?

Craniosynostosis is a condition affecting the new born children. In this condition, one or more of the joints between the bones of the child’s skull close before the child’s brain is fully formed. When an infant suffers from craniosynostosis their brain cannot grow in its natural shaped and the head does not have a proper shape.

Craniosynostosis Symptoms

Craniosynostosis can have an effect on one or more of the joints inside the child’s skull. Also, in some of the case the condition is related to an underlying brain abnormality that prevents the brain from growing properly.

What are the Symptoms?

An infant’s skull has seven bones which do not normally fuse till the age of 2. This gives sufficient time for the brain to develop. There are joints called cranial sutures which are made up of strong, fibrous tissue that hold these bones together. The sutures intersect in the large soft spot of the skull on top of the child’s head. These sutures are usually flexible until the bones fuse. The signs of craniosynostosis include:

Craniosynostosis Symptoms

An out-of-shape skull whose shape depends on which cranial sutures are affected.

Disappearance of soft spot on the baby’s skull

Slow or stopped growth of head as the baby grows

Development of a raised hard ridge along the affected sutures

An increased pressure within the skull

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