What are the symptoms of Adult Brain Cancer?

Updated at: Jan 19, 2013
What are the symptoms of Adult Brain Cancer?

The symptoms of adult brain cancer and spinal cord tumors are not the same in every person.

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CancerWritten by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Jan 19, 2013

The symptoms of adult brain and spinal cord tumors are not the same in every person.
The symptoms caused by a brain tumor depend on where the tumor formed in the brain, the functions controlled by that part of the brain, and the size of the tumor. Headaches and other symptoms may be caused by adult brain tumors. Other conditions may cause the same symptoms. A doctor should be consulted if any of the following problems occur:

Brain Tumors

•    Morning headache or headache that goes away after vomiting.
•    Frequent nausea and vomiting.
•    Vision, hearing, and speech problems.
•    Loss of balance and trouble walking.
•    Weakness on one side of the body.
•    Unusual sleepiness or change in activity level.
•    Unusual changes in personality or behavior.
•    Seizures.

Spinal Cord Tumors

•    Back pain or pain that spreads from the back towards the arms or legs.
•    A change in bowel habits or trouble urinating.
•    Weakness in the legs.
•    Trouble walking.


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