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Different Stages of Adult Brain Cancer

Updated at: Jan 05, 2015
Written by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Jan 19, 2013
Different Stages of Adult Brain Cancer

The extent or spread of cancer is usually described in stages, divided as grades. Know how brain cancer in adults manifests.

Brain tumours are referred so based on the type of cell that they form in and also where the tumour had first formed in the central nervous system. It may be easy to tell the different between slow-growing and fast-growing types of tumour from the grade of a tumour. The different stages of cancer or grades of brain cancer are differentiated based on how abnormal they look under a microscope and also how quickly they grow and spread.

brain tumour

According to the WHO grading system, here is how brain tumour manifests in different stages of adult brain cancer.


  • Grade 1: this includes a separate group of tumours that are referred to as juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma. The term juvenile does not really refer to the age of a patient, but the type of cell that the tumour has formed in. This is noncancerous and slow-growing that can be cured with surgery. This is different from a low grade astrocytoma or Grade II glioma that are likely to re-grow even after treatment.
  • Grade II: this tumour does not have dead cells inside the tumour referred to as necrosis, though it shows an abnormally large number of cells that are called hyper cellular.
  • Grade III: the tumour cells look different from the normal cells under a microscope and they happen to grow faster than grade I and grade II tumour cells. The grade III cells are likely to spread to the nearby tissues.
  • Grade IV: these tumour cells do not really look like normal cells under a microscope and tend to grow and spread pretty quickly. There may be different areas of dead cells inside the tumour. The Grade IV tumours tend to usually get cured.


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