What Is Sexual Anorexia?

Mar 17, 2012

Quick Bites:

Sexual anorexia means intentionally avoiding sex and sex related issues. If a person is depriving himself of sex, he is suffering from sexual anorexia. A sexual anorexic prohibits himselffrom indulging in any kind of sexual pleasure. Sometimes, the person goes to the extent that even harming  harms to avoid sex is acceptable.


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Sexual anorexia can happen to both men and women. People suffering from this disorder don’t hate sex, but they can’t see themselves in any sexual activity. This doesn’t mean that they are suffering from any sexual disease; it’s just that they don’t have the desire to have sex. People suffering from sexual anorexia are not very vocal about their problem because they feel ashamed or fear rejection.

People suffering from sexual anorexia show a complete lack of interest towards sex. They show very limited sexual activity. Such people get very judgemental towards sex related issues, whether it is about them or others. A sexual anorexic always finds ways to avoid sex and this sometimes interferes with his personal life as well.


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There are many reasons for sexual anorexia.

  • Sexual abuse is one of the main reasons for developing sexual anorexia. A person who has experienced sexual abuse at any point of time in his life develops sexual anorexia. A person who has faced child sexual abuse develops a fear for sex. Such people don’t find it easy to allow themselves to indulge in any sexual activity.
  • Some people develop sexual anorexia because of frequent sexual rejection. This affects them psychologically and the person starts avoiding sex in the fear that he may not be able to perform well.


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  • Rape is another factor that can make a person, especially women, sexually anorexic. They start hating the act of any sexual activity. The mental and physical torture that a woman goes through during rape makes her feel dejected and so, she stays away from sex.

Despite the fact that sexual anorexia makes you stay away from any sexual activity, it does not suggest that a sexually anorexic cannot get married, though the chances of its survival are very less. Sexual anorexia is not a disease, but it’s a state of mind. It can be treated by proper counselling. A sex therapist can help such a person to overcome his fear of sex.


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