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What Preparation is Needed for an X-Ray?

Updated at: Apr 19, 2013
Written by: Arlene CoelhoPublished at: Apr 06, 2013
What Preparation is Needed for an X-Ray?

Preparation for an X-Ray: There are many different types of X-ray procedures, and some require special preparation. Before some types of X-rays you're given a liquid called contrast medium, such as barium and iodine, help outline a specific area o

What Preparation is Needed for an X Ray

Before an x-ray is carried out, a minimal amount of preparation is required on the part of the patient. It is best to ask your doctor or nurse to provide you with specific instructions. This can lessen any anxiety you may be experiencing. Although the procedure will vary depending on the type of x-ray you need, there are some things you can expect as you prepare.


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Some kinds of x-ray procedures require special preparation, for example, before having x-rays of your digestive tract, you may need to change your diet, fast entirely or use laxatives or enemas. Before having mammography, you must avoid using deodorants, body powders, perfumes and body creams, which can produce abnormal shadows in the mammogram image. You may also be asked to remove jewelry, eyeglasses and any metal objects that may obscure the X-ray image, because these objects can show up on an X-ray. 


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For instance, because the x-radiation is dangerous in high doses, the rays are encased in a lead casing and the individual in charge of the x-ray equipment is required to stand behind a screen, thus being shielded from over exposure.


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Before some types of X-rays you're given a liquid called contrast medium. Contrast mediums, such as barium and iodine, help outline a specific area of your body on the X-ray image. You may swallow the contrast medium, or receive it as an injection or enema.

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