What is Premarital Relationship?

Updated at: Nov 26, 2013
What is Premarital Relationship?

Premarital relationship greatly reduces the odds of getting divorce. It improves the quality of relationship and strengthens the tie between two.

Aditi Dasgupta
DatingWritten by: Aditi DasguptaPublished at: Sep 13, 2011

Premarital relationship is also known as dating and can be defined as the desire of two individuals to explore love and its possibilities before a marital commitment takes place. This usually takes into account various compatibility issues, expectations and questions of love, trust and compromise. A premarital relationship might not necessarily lead to marriage or have a parental approval. Let us explore the following points to determine what a premarital relationship is.

  • Couples genuinely are independent and take their decisions keeping in mind each other’s interests and not of the society at large. This broadly helps them to understand whether they are compatible or not.
  • Couples also tend to explore such a kind of relationship at a physical level as well. This would mean that most couples want to make sure that they are not only emotionally compatible but also physically. Today most couples consider this as a fundamental principle which could actually define their compatibility quotient. What is yours?
  • Premarital relationships are a good way to judge the risk factors and expectations before actually tying the knot.
  • A premarital relationship cannot be arranged by parents. However, the two can of course inform their parents that they’re dating each other. The individuals generally choose their own partners on their own. The possible ways of choosing partners are: social networking sites, or other places where the two individuals frequent and happen to meet or fo r that matter one could date a friend’s friend.

Another step towards a premarital relationship is the decision to live in together. The question is how comfortable are the two to experiment and stay together with each other in the advanced stage of dating. They could date each other and yet not be in a relationship. This step comes at an advanced stage, when the couples want to know where their newfound commitment can take them. Usually, it is expected that the couple know what they want from each other and have a clear vision about their future plans and also fix a tentative time span by which they would want to tie the knot. Premarital relationships often help the couples to slow down and reflect on their decision in order to save on the later stage of painful and exhaustive divorce procedures.

In other words, a premarital relationship or dating can reduce the odds of getting a divorce. Many couples also opt for premarital counselling to strengthen the relationship and improve the quality of the relationship.


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