What is an Ovulation Predictor?

What is an Ovulation Predictor?

What is an ovulation predictor? : An ovulation predictor is a testing kit for detecting the start of a woman’s ovulation. It is simple to use and can be utilised for knowing the most fertile days in her menstrual period.

Ovulation makes the basal body temperature rise after it occurs. This is the only way you can predict it without using any technique. An ovulation predictor detects the level of a particular hormone, LH (Luteinizing Hormone), in your urine. This is based on the fact that right before ovulation, there is an increase in production of LH. Any ovulation calculator puts the time of ovulation in the range of 36 hours, once the LH surge has been detected.

The ovulation prediction kit can be used to not only help you know the start of your ovulation, but also to inform you about your most fertile days.

Recognise your most fertile days with the ovulation predictor

Start using the kit before you expect to be fertile. Otherwise you are likely to miss out on your most fertile days. The formula involving your menstrual cycle would tell you about your fertile days. Ovulation is known to occur 14 days prior to your coming menstrual cycle. Take the duration of your shortest menstrual cycle and deduct it by 14 days. This is the earliest possible day of your ovulation.

After you have arrived at this figure, deduct 3 days from it to ensure that your LH surge is not missed. For example, if your shortest cycle ever has been 24 days, start using ovulation predictor kit on the seventh day of your menstrual cycle. Bear in mind that the day you begin bleeding, and not stop bleeding, should be deemed as the first day of your cycle. As each of your cycle is not going to be so short, you may have to go on testing until you strike the positive test. It can take longer than you anticipate.

This method of detecting ovulation is called the urine LH stick. You can take your pick from a lot of brands such as Clearblue, First Response and others. You can get them from an online store or by visiting your local pharmacy. All you need to do is to pass urine on the stick and have a look at the results. These are no different to your home pregnancy tests. You should nonetheless be very careful in reading the result.

The LH present in your urine may not be enough to give a clear dark line suggesting ovulation. Thus, a simple positive or negative result might be difficult to obtain. If you go on using the test, it would eventually give you a positive result. This is because the level of LH goes on rising with the onset of ovulation.




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