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What Men Want in a One Night Stand?

Snr By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Mar 20, 2012
What Men Want in a One Night Stand?

What Men Want in a One Night Stand? : Men look for casual and exciting sex in one night stands, and they look for women who would do this easily.

What Men Want in a One Night StandFor one night stands, a man’s attitude is much different to that of a woman. Men are just looking for a bit of kick, and considerably lower their standard of an acceptable mate. Women, on the other hand, cannot resist the flattery unleashed liberally by their date and fall prey to their feeling of being desirable. If they were aware of the intention and attitudes of men on the prowl for a one night stand, it would help them be on their guard when on such blind dates.

What men want to find in one night stands?


  • Sex appeal – Men are all out for sexual gratification when looking for one night stands. There is no set pattern of sex appeal, as the preferences of men in that regard vary a lot. Revealing clothes worn by women, such as low-cut top or short skirt would certainly ring the one-night stand bell in men than the long-term relationship aspirations. If you must wear such dress, know that many men would like to “have you” for the night. If one comes along looking at your body rather than meeting your eyes, this is a sure sign of such a guy.
  • Risk taking – Everyone has experienced in some stage of their lives that they are more inclined to take risks. The risk appetite may vary between different individuals but there is a stage of life when an individual is more open to take risks. Having sex, taking alcohol and drugs are some risks people want to take because all these are thrilling, despite being unhealthy. Men look for women who are in that stage of their lives.
  • Inebriated women – All men know that women are going to resist their demand for jumping in the sac easily, as they know about the ditch the next morning. So, men look for women who have lost their ability to reason. Drinking is a sure way of losing your reasoning. They can work their charm much easier on a drunken woman than one who is sane. Women who want to drink should always be with a friend if they want to avoid these jerks.
  • Women on a “low” – Many women go through a bad phase in their lives, such as loss of job or breakup, and this sends them in the downward spiral of negative thought and emotions. Guys are always on the lookout for such girls so that they may take advantage of their vulnerable state of mind. These are the kind of men who do not feel for you and would dump you the next morning without any guilt. So, be on your guard when going out with friends to cheer yourself up.


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