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What Men Really Fantasise About

Snr By Himanshu Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Apr 01, 2013
What Men Really Fantasise About

Every guy has various realistic and unrealistic fantasies. Learn how you can connect with your partner's fantasies and add a fantastic a realm to your love life.

Do you know what he thinks, wants sexually or what turns him on? If you have a measure of what goes on in your man’s head, you can make your love-life a lot more exciting than you think.

What Men Really Fantasise AboutTo connect with your man better, all you have to do is figure out how he thinks. Most men live their sexual lives within their own heads, keeping naughty thoughts to themselves. If you can make a way to their mind by knowing their fantasies and desires, you can enact, play and have fun.


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Everyone has sexual fantasies. Surely, as a girl, you too may have fantasised  men hot and under-fire? Here is everything on what men fantasise about.



  • Given up control: Men want control, complete sexual control on a woman though the reverse of it is also a fantasy they would want to live. It’s your turn to take control of him and ravage him. Put on your appealing outfit and turn him on.


  • A different role: Wearing tights or the cute boy shorts may not grab his attention, but if you play a different role, he will turn around to pull a glance at you. Most men fantasise about sleeping with a woman in nurse costume or in schoolgirl outfit. You may also slip in to the costume his favourite actress from a sitcom wears.


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  • Being with a stranger: Being seduced by an attractive unknown and getting swept away is one of the most common fantasies men want to live. Men desire a seductive stranger who loves to get dirty, takes risks, has adventures in her head and encourages a man to be bad. If you pretend to be a stranger, it will bring excitement and thrill to the act. Every man wants to be given the opportunity to be a bad boy, be raw and break all rules of lovemaking.


  • The Fear of PDA: Public display of affection is something most men are afraid of, but deep beneath their fantasies, they wish they could show off their sexual prowess. While intimacy in public bears the rule of the land, you can secretly fire sexy ammunitions at him from time to time like coyly rubbing your breast against his hands while he pays the bill at the hypermarket. Fear of being seen in public kicks the adrenalin in men and he will be heated to rip your clothes off the moment he unlocks the main door.


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  • A woman getting dirty: Voyeuristic pleasure excites men. They like to see girls undressing themselves by the pool’s side or showering from afar. And they would even risk jumping over fence to watch a girl they have never seen before skin dip in a private pool.


  • Bedding a virgin: All men would fantasise about blowing the grounsils with a virgin and be the first one to make love to her.  It could be because that will give them the power to control her or because they want to be the first one that showed them what lovemaking really is like.  Also, whatever be the age of the man, he will always fantasise a much younger woman.


Every guy has various realistic and unrealistic fantasies that may or may not ever happen. It doesn’t matter where these come from, but guys can’t stop spending their time daydreaming to live out these fantasies.

Sexual fantasies are not only natural but are healthy as well. These boost libido, improve relationships and can increase our confidence to a great degree. To make your sex live sizzle and achieve new heights, you should not keep your fantasies in your head. If your partner has fantasies, don’t think he is sensualist and wants to be fawned over.

Share your fantasies with your partner to add a fantastic realm to your love life.


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