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What Men Really Fantasise About

Snr By Himanshu Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jan 31, 2013
What Men Really Fantasise About

Every guy has various realistic and unrealistic fantasies that may or may not ever happen. Here's what men fantasise and how can you connect with your partner to add a fantastic a realm to your love life.

Do you know what he thinks, wants sexually and what turns him on? If you have a measure of what goes on in your man’s head, you can make your love-life a lot more exciting than you think.

No wonder almost everyone has sexual fantasies at one time or another. Surely, as a girl, you too have sometime wondered about sexual fantasies that make men hot and under-fire?

All you have to do is figure out how your man thinks to connect better with him. Most men live their sexual lives within their own heads, keeping naughty thoughts to themselves. If you can make a way to their mind by knowing their fantasies and desires, you can enact, play and have fun.


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Here is everything on what men fantasise about and their voyeuristic love.


  • Being with a stranger: Being seduced by an attractive unknown and getting swept away is one of the most common fantasies men live. Men desire a seductive stranger who loves to get dirty, takes risks, has adventures in her head and encourage a man to be bad. If you become an unknown, it brings excitement and the thrill in the act. Every man wants to turn as a bad boy, being raw and breaking all rules of lovemaking.


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  • Forbidden is called for, an act in public: Public display is something most men are afraid of, but they are always seeking a chance to show off their sexual prowess in public. Fear of being seen in public kicks the adrenalin and provides the spark.


  • A woman getting dirty: Voyeuristic pleasure excites men. Men love to awe-inspiring hot girl taking her clothes off, even more when a guy doesn’t know the girl.


  • Given up control: Men want control, complete sexual control of a woman. Reverse of it is again a fantasy they live. It’s your turn to take control of him, ravage him and be submissive. Put on your appealing outfit and turn him on for his fantasy.


  • A different role: Your high fashion won’t help you grab his attention, but a different role will certainly. Men fantasise about a partner in nurse costumes and schoolgirl outfits. Enacting a different role is a way to turn him on.


  • To be the first one: Men have fantasies of being with a first-timer, be the first one to make love to her.  It is because he will be able to have complete control over her and he could show her what lovemaking is.  Likewise, men love to involve much young women.


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Every guy has various realistic and unrealistic fantasies that may or may not ever happen. It doesn’t matter where these come from, but guys can’t stop spending their time to live out these fantasies.

Sexual fantasies are not only natural but are healthy as well. These boost libido, improve relationships and can increase our confidence to a great degree. To make your sex live sizzle and achieve new heights, you should not keep your fantasies in your head. If your partner has fantasies, don’t think he is sensualist and wants to be fawned over.

Share your fantasies with your partner to add a fantastic a realm to your love life.


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