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What is Medical Massage Therapy?

Updated at: Dec 30, 2011
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Written by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Dec 08, 2011
What is Medical Massage Therapy?

Medical massage therapy is a very effective way of relaxing, rejuvenating and recharging your worn out body.

What is medical massage therapy

Massage is a quick and an inexpensive option to relax, rejuvenate and recharge your worn out self.  Medical massage therapy is used in medicine to relieve stress in muscles and joints. Medical massage therapy comes under alternate medicine and cannot be substituted for regular medical procedures. 

Multiple Benefits of Medical Massage Therapy


Medical massage therapy is proven to be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Relieves stress, pain and stiffness- Today’s work environment requires either sitting or standing for prolonged durations. A desk job requires sitting in front of the office computer in same position with very few breaks in between. Over a period of time, this leads to building up of stress in muscles and joints.  Massage is the only safe option that can treat this lifestyle related ailment effectively. It is advisabletoseek a professional massage therapist to obtainbest results. People can experience dramatic reduction in both physical and mental stress levels in just one sitting.
  • Manages depression and anxiety- Massage triggers stress relieving hormones which result in reduced anxiety levels and instantly uplift the person’s mood.
  • Controlsblood pressure-A full body massage is known to improve blood circulation. As the blood flow to various organs improves, the functioning of these organs also tends to improve.
  • Infant growth- Massaging infants with baby massage oils daily helps in bone and muscle growth. Doctors also highly recommend massages for infants.
  • Sports injuries-All sportsmen have to bear injuries at some point in their careers. In some cases, these injuries can affect their careers as well. Medical massage therapy helps in recuperating faster from injuries. Even when sportspersons are not injured, regular massages can help them stay in top physical condition..
  • Although there are many benefits associated with medical massage therapy, proper care should be taken prior and during the massage. Massage should be given only by a trained masseuse. If done otherwise, chances of injury are higher.
  • Massage should be strictly avoided in case of pregnancies or any kind of internal or external injuries. In case you experience any pain during the massage, it is advisable to cease the procedure immediately.
  • Always check with your doctor before you head for any kind of medical massage therapy as certain massage oils or lotions can cause allergies.

Once you pay heed to the aforementioned measures, you can truly enjoy the relaxing experience of medical massage therapy.


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