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What are Love Handles?

Updated at: Feb 27, 2012
Weight Management
Written by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Feb 21, 2012
What are Love Handles?

Love handles are referred to the fat reserves on the torso, just above the abdominal oblique muscles. The condition caused by inadequate nutritional habits along with lack of physical activity could be treated with a healthy diet and a regular exe

What are love handles

The unwanted fat reserves around hips, just above abdominal muscles on either side are known as Love Handles. Fat deposits across the torso also raise risk for formation of visceral fat that builds up around the organs. In order to reduce weight from the specific region, termed as spot reduction, one needs to follow a strict diet plan and physical exercises.

A structured regimen targeting oblique muscles helps in reducing fats, tighten up abs and lose the handles. One of the body parts where the probability of weight deposition is more is the torso region. Accumulation of fat increases day by day if attempt has not been made to restricting it.

Instructions to Get Rid of Love Handles

  1. Cardio Exercises: Cardio workouts are counted among most effective muscle toning exercises. In addition to decrease weight of your torso, the exercise will help you lose unwanted fat from rest of the body parts. A schedule of cardio exercise must span atleast 40 minutes, which should be performed at least thrice a week. Running, biking, swimming, rope skipping, stair stepping and brisk walking are some of the cardio exercises you can choose from.
  2. Build Muscles: The activity of toning extra fat into muscle mass triggers metabolic process, increasing caloric burning for everyday. Among muscle building exercises are bench presses, deadlifts, military presses, push-ups, pull-ups, squats and lunges. Remember the simple rule, expending more calories than consumed leads to fat reduction.
  3. Body Rotation/ Movements: The physical activities such as body rotation and movements should be included in everyday schedule. Activities such as sitting on a Swiss ball and performing rotations contribute significantly to the cause of losing love handles.
  4. Dietary Changes: Foods that are high in calories and low on essential nutrients should be eliminated from dietary regimen. Instead of processed foods and refined foods, go for nutrient dense foods such as whole grains, fruits, green vegetables, lean meats, low-fat dairy products and fish. High caloric beverages such as sweetened fruit juices, soda and alcohol should be avoided.
  5. Ample Water: Drinking ample of water is advised, as it is calorie-free, helps in remaining hydrated and removes toxins from human body.



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