What is Laser Facial?

Jun 25, 2012

Quick Bites:
  • A laser facial is used to tighten skin and remove superficial wrinkles.
  • Even out pigmentation is another reasons for laser facial.
  • Performed with the help of a tool that shines intense beam of light on skin.
  • Complications of laser facial are scars, unwanted textural changes and burns.

A laser facial is a type of facial that is advanced and gives quicker results as compared with other topical facials that use creams and scrubs to clear the face off chemicals.

Laser FacialTo do a laser facial, a dermatologist may use several tools to give the skin a smoother and even appearance. To make sure that you have a safe laser facial with minimal complications, make sure that you choose a surgeon or physician, who has experience and training in performing laser facials. Try to get a doctor’s referral from someone that you trust.

Why Laser Facial?

Typically, a laser facial is used to:

  • tighten skin,
  • remove superficial wrinkles,
  • even out pigmentation,
  • improve the appearance of scars, such as shallow acne scars and
  • treat early skin cancers.

There are primarily two types of laser facial, namely ablative and non-ablative. While the former destroys the epidermis to reveal deeper skin areas, the latter heats the skin up to stimulate growth of new skin.


Procedure of Laser Facial

Although, a laser facial comes under the category of surgery, it is performed with the help of a tool that shines intense beam of light on different parts of the skin to change their appearance without the dangers of incision. While the procedure is on, the dermatologist uses special goggles and other coverings to protect the eyes.

In the facial, the epidermis or the outermost layer of the skin is removed, which reveals smoother and tighter skin inside. The laser heats up the surface of the skin and stimulates the collagen. Although, a laser facial heats the skin and stimulates collagen growth, it does not remove the outer layer of the skin entirely. A person going through laser facial may have to go through several other treatments to get a smoother and firmer skin.


Follow-Up Post Laser Facial

Depending on the kind of laser treatment used, you may experience redness, raw skin or swelling. To make sure your skin is healthy post laser facial, you will have to follow-up with your doctor for several months depending on whether you experience side-effects and if you do, what kind. Following-up with a doctor helps keep the results long lasting.

Risks of Laser Facial

Although, a laser facial is generally safe, it does have some risks. Some of the rare, but likely complications of laser facial include scars, unwanted textural changes, burns, pigment changes, such as infection and whitening of some areas on the skin.





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