Upper Body Strength Exercise: What Is The Best Way To Get Better At Pull-Ups?

Updated at: Jun 25, 2020
Upper Body Strength Exercise: What Is The Best Way To Get Better At Pull-Ups?

Pull-Up Workout: What Is The Right Way To Exercise? Types, Benefits And Mistakes.

Tavishi Dogra
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jun 25, 2020

What is Pull-Up Exercise? A pull-up is a closed-chain movement where the body is suspended by the pulls up and hands. During this upper-body strength exercise, the elbows flex, and the shoulders adduct and extend to bring the crooks to the torso. Pull-ups use different muscles of the upper body including the biceps. Many people avoid doing it because it takes a lot of power. That is an exercise in which the body is pulled upwards with the help of arms and shoulder. It works mainly on your biceps, middle and lower back, upper back, middle back, lower back and shoulders. Today with this article, we will tell you the right way to do the pull-up exercise. Machine / Equipment for Pull-Up: Pull-Up Bar is mainly used for doing pull-ups. Many gyms (for beginners) have pull-up machines that push the body from below. However, during this pandemic era, you (cannot go to the gym) can also use the height rod.

Types of Pull-Up

  • Negative Pull-Up: Negatives are the downward pullups — the part where you lower yourself from the bar. Physical therapists and athletic trainers refer to negative pull-ups as “closed chain” activities because throughout the exercise your hands stay connected to the bar.
  • Weighted Pull-Up: In simple terms, weighted pull-ups are pull-up variation workouts that involve the usage of weights as part of the exercise. This workout can be performed by adding weight plates to your body, which can be done using a weight vest or belt. 
  • Towel Grip Pull-Up: While rock and rope climbing are the best ways to improve grip strength, towel pull-ups are a great substitute. If you don't have access to ropes or rock walls, all you need is a t-shirt or a towel to throw over a bar for a killer grip and dead hang pulling workout. 
  • Kipping Pull-Up: The kipping pull-up is a full-body move that increases the demands on agility and coordination compared to a strict pull-up. 

How To Do Pull-Up Exercise?

To do this, first, you have to stand under a pull-up machine or rod. Then, with both hands raised, hold the rod with some distance (5-6 inches) from shoulder width. While lifting the body, keep in mind that your hands and body are straight. If you want, you can keep your legs straight or even bend. After getting ready for exercise, pull the body up so that your chin comes close to the rod. Now after holding the body for 1 second, bring the body slowly downwards to the initial position. This entire sequence will be called reps. Start with five reps as per your ability and then increase gradually.

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Benefits of Pull-Up Exercise

  • This exercise has the maximum effect on your back muscles, so regularizing it can improve your back pain as well as the flexibility of the spine. 
  • During pull-ups, the body releases endorphin hormone, also known as the happy hormone that freshens up the mood.
  • During the pull-up, the heartbeat becomes very fast, and a lot of oxygen starts reaching the body. 
  • Doing this strengthens the grip of the hands, which can help you a lot in everyday tasks.
  • This exercise includes musculature of the shoulder and arms that evenly tones them.
  • Pull-ups exercise significantly improves strength and stamina.

Common Mistakes In Pull-Ups 

  • It is often seen that most people do not move their chin to the rod, which is the wrong approach. If you move the jaw closer to the rod, more benefit can be gained.
  • Many people do pull-ups very quickly. Keep in mind that while doing this, the speed should be average and not too fast.
  • While holding the pull-up bar, some people either hold it far enough to shoulder level or some people hold too close. Both of these situations are wrong. It is considered correct to hold the grip 5-6 inches out from the shoulder when applying pull-ups.
  • While doing pull-ups, pay attention to breathing and exhaling. Breathe in a while, pulling the body up and exhale while bringing down. 

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