What is Distance Reiki- Does it Really Work?

Updated at: Mar 05, 2015
What is Distance Reiki- Does it Really Work?

Distance Reiki is one of the best ways to help link and channelize energy for healing purposes. You may consider Reiki not as a treatment for medical ailments but as something complementary for healing.

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Energy medicine has been practised for thousands of years and one of its types is Reiki. Distance Reiki facilitates the universe's energy for healing purposes. This form of alternative therapy is often known as a form of hands-on treatment with the practitioner laying hands over the receiver’s body. The process involves holding a hand position for a few minutes before ‘moving on’ to a new position.


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Reiki, also referred to as “energy medicine”, “healing hands” or “therapeutic touch”, can help lower stress, enhance relaxation, heal one from illness/injury and can help one recover from major illnesses by complementing standard medical treatments such as chemotherapy.


How does it Work?

Reiki practitioners lay their hands either lightly on or just above people’s bodies, attempting to redirect the flow of an invisible energy that science hasn’t established to exist. Reiki works on the principle that we have a vital life force flowing through us. The practitioner aims to bring the energy in balance which can sometimes be blocked, disturbed or mischannelled. The balancing of energy flow is supposed to promote healing and help people.

It can be used as a complementary therapy to help people deal with anxiety and the side-effects of medical treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy. It can give you relief from minor aches, pains and tension headaches. It can calm skin conditions, settle your digestive system and help you cope with issues that have strong mind-body connection.


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Many studies have looked at how Reiki works. A study at the U.S. National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) measured naturally occurring levels of radiation in the body. They found a significant decrease in gamma rays emitted from patients during alternative healing sessions and subjects had felt an energetic shift. This only suggests that the energy had been drawn out during Reiki sessions.

The bottom line is that distance Reiki is one of the ways to help link and channel energy for healing purposes. You may consider Reiki not as a treatment for medical ailments but as something complementary for healing.




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