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What is Internet Infidelity?

Dating By Editorial Team , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jul 14, 2011
What is Internet Infidelity?

Soon internet becomes an alluring medium for all of them! Chat rooms being the fastest mounting cause of relationships breakdown leading to virtual infidelity in recent times.

It often starts simply, even unknowingly.


A woman logs in the computer to play cards with others online or to converse about food recipes, gardening or antiques. Amidst all this she makes a male friend who appreciates her wit and strength in a way very few people do.  A man who can't sleep after a long tiring day checks out an online chat room and with no set intentions simply gets hooked.


Soon internet becomes an alluring medium for all of them! Chat rooms being the fastest mounting cause of relationships breakdown leading to virtual infidelity in recent times.


Marital online infidelity, in general, is naturally increasing as a byproduct of mixture of liaisons.


Factors that lead to infidelity are varied in its consequence and responsive in its occurrence. Urban loneliness being on an all time high is the main reason why people think that they can create a substitute to their own identity in the non-visible world. In addition to it, a lot of couples go through a phase of sexual boredom or lack of variety after certain years of togetherness. The general tendency is that virtual love and sex are potentially non risky.


It is with the affordability of technology and ambiguity of identity that modern day romances have attained a new high. And virtual world simply, adds to synthesis and dynamics of online communication and related infidelity.


Infidelity, so to say, has always existed even before the advent of internet. However, surprising intimate conversations are now held with interesting strangers and no one would have a reason to be suspicious. After all, typing a response under the cloak of mystery is more of a fantasy than a real endeavor of sexual infidelity.


This further extends to having 'cyber-sex' within minutes of making an online acquaintance. Implicit infidelity goes far beyond the fabric of exchanging e-cards, expressing love via emoticons or getting the visual delight on web cams. It usually tends to question how ‘normal’ our social expectance of sexuality is.


Netizens now days discover new facets to their personality by bringing their counterfeit information in forefront in order to discuss their sexual lives and related insecurities.


It seems that large amount of modern lovers are making the most of online avenues. From social networking sites, matrimonial sites to paid dating sites, unrestrained opportunities are available at a mere click to enjoy infinite freedom.


28-year-old married media professional, Sakshi Rawal (name changed) said that her husband lives in a different city because of professional reasons. Just for the sheer fun of it, she registered herself on a few of social networking sites like orkut and facebook. Mainly because she wanted to get in touch with her long lost friends but she found a few of her old crushes even. "We started chatting and from being plain acquaintances to sex lovers, we started playing with our webcams in a matter of a few days," she said.


Not just emotional and social fences but, internet infidelity has triumph over geographical restrictions too. “The attraction of not seeing somebody is wanted and kinky and plugs a sexual void in my otherwise mundane marital life”, Navneet Saxena (name changed), a 32-year-old BPO executive speaks out.


Many online lovers wrap up huge distances for a secret meeting and take the affiliation one step ahead without their spouses’ awareness. “I have met numerous number of girls online and then traveled to meet up offline, but they soon drift away because of new lures in their real life. In one of the cases, the girl never wanted to meet me again because she never found me attractive enough”, Saxena discloses.


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