What is Healthy Flirting

Jun 22, 2011

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What is Healthy FlirtingThe dictionary defines flirting as “behaving amorously without any emotional commitment” and what exactly is “healthy flirting”? If you are single and willing to meet interesting people whom you can have a relationship with then flirting can be a first step to know the person and also to convey your interest in him/her. Flirting can be a form of social interaction and can be fun if done the right way. The intention behind flirting should be right and so should your body language. Flirting can be fun if the other person is receptive or understands the intention.


What is right flirting?


The right flirting is

  • Being sincere about the person you are flirting with. Be natural and do not put an act of being charming as that will come through instead be a genuine listener and be sincere with your complements.
  • Right body language: Flirting should not mean a chance to get physical instead slight touch on the arm might be alright. Be cautious about not sending any wrong signals which can put you in the bracket of being “desperate” or a “freak”.
  • Maintain eye contact but do not leer. Maintaining your gaze with your date will show your interest but never overdo it.
  • Interesting conversation: A good talk can be a good start for a relationship but never indulge in asking personal questions especially if you are a man.


Marriage and flirting


Healthy flirting in a marriage can help make the relationship stronger by infusing fun and spice. Flirting does not always have to be in the context of being sexual as it can be within the limits of marriage values. Healthy flirting outside marriage means having good interactions and conversations accompanied with harmless teasing but nothing physical. Flirting can also help know yourself, that how interesting and appealing you can be and you can bring your high spirits back home to your spouse which can put the zing back in your marriage. Getting to know someone, having good conversation and sharing a few laughs will only help you and your marriage.


Risks involved in flirting


Healthy flirting can be fun but it can be dangerous if you cross lines of decency or even break the ethics and values of marriage. Flirting can be detrimental to a strong relationship or marriage if:

  • One gets into a physical relationship.
  • Spends more quality time and finds emotional support in the person.
  • Any sexual connotations in conversation.


Excessive flirting can be harmful


Excessive flirting can mean bad news for your stable relationship as it may be a sign that your existing relationship is lacking something. Is it the emotional support you are looking for which ideally should be in a marriage? Flirting should be innocent and friendly and should not be anything which you would hide from your existing partner. Flirting can be a great way to bring back the sizzle in your marriage or relationship provided your partner knows your personality and your intentions. Anything beyond healthy flirting can spell doom for a stable relationship.


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