What is a Healthy Diet Plan?

Updated at: Feb 27, 2012
What is a Healthy Diet Plan?

A healthy diet plan consists of well-balanced breakfast, proper lunch and ideal dinner menu. A well balanced diet plan helps you in maintaining optimum body weight.

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What is a healthy diet plan

In order to lead a fruitful and satisfied life, it is always essential to maintain a healthy diet. This will make way for a disease free body resulting in a longer life span. With the help of knowledge collected from recognized dieticians, you need to construct the perfect diet that will boost the much needed nutrient content in your body. This healthy eating will ensure that the white blood cells in your body use the energy to fight against all kinds of infections and diseases.

A balanced diet will ensure optimum weight which will help to keep your body in good health conditions. Given below are some common diet patterns of the three important meals of the day. They will help in defining a healthy diet plan.

The perfect breakfast diet

Breakfast is undoubtedly the meal that must not be avoided at any cost. This meal must be designed in such a way that the nutrient content in the foods will last you the whole day, and you do not fall down on the couch after work. Keep all high fat items out of the menu such as full fat milk and high fat cheese. A boiled or scrambled egg on wholegrain bread/toast is a perfect choice supplemented by a glass of skimmed milk. Fruits, low sugar cereals and yoghurt could also be added to the menu. A cup of tea can start off things well in the day.


Another meal that should be loaded with all the right foods is lunch. For vegetarians, a sandwich or a wrap is a very good option. Try loading on the combo with items such as tomatoes, avocadoes, spinach and bell peppers. Whole grain bread would be the ideal choice for the wrap. For non-vegetarians, a chicken/turkey breast sandwich with a green salad can add up the protein content in your diet. A healthy diet plan should have the right amount of proteins and carbohydrates. Tinned Tuna and boiled pasta can also be added to the menu. If you cannot resist using mayonnaise on a toast, use a low fat variety for better calorie control.

The ideal dinner menu

Dinner is usually the menu where people eat a lot, especially when they go out to a restaurant. The ideal healthy dinner menu would include nutrient-packed dishes such as baked salmon with vegetables, homemade curries with a little oil, oven roasted fish, whole grain pasta and lots of green vegetables in the form of salads. You can also try variations such as home made pizzas and low fat spaghetti. A soup with the healthy ingredients would be a great start to the meal. Finish your dinner with a serving of fruits or smoothies for dessert.


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