What happens when you hold your poop?

Updated at: Apr 04, 2017
What happens when you hold your poop?

There will be times when the best thing you can do is holding your poop in but how good is it for your health?

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Last weekend, I went to Manali and it takes about 8 to 10 hours to reach Manali. While being in transit, I suddenly felt an urge to poop but since I do not poop just anywhere, I decided to hold my poop till I get to Manali. I have a habit of holding poop and pee whenever I’m travelling but then apparently holding poop is not a great idea.




Pooping is a very natural phenomenon but you cannot always poop whenever you want to.  There will be times when the best thing you can do is holding it in but how good is it for your health?


Let’s dive deeper…

When the stool touches some parts of rectum, it sends out a signal to brain saying ‘It’s about time you find a safe place to release yourself’ while different people have different delay time while responding to those signals. Usually it happens after you have food because some specific food items are natural intestinal stimulant and digestive enzyme regulator.


If you hold your poop for two hours

At first you feel just an abdominal pressure along with cramps in abdominal region. However, some people bear the cramps and pressure while some are in more urgency. Now, bearing these cramps and holding the poop in can give you severe gastric troubles.


If you hold your poop for six hours

If you try holding your poop for six hours, you may turn constipated. You do not feel the urge to poop anymore but it impacts your poop and you can suffer from constipation.


If you hold your poop for twelve hours

When you hold your poop for six hours, you turn constipated because the stool gets harder. Imagine holding that poop back for 12 hours, the longer you hold it in, the harder it gets. The stool is still in your colon, you will only suffer from an uncomfortable pooping session, things can aggravate and you may bleed and may even go through painful anal fissures.


If you keep holding it for longer durations

If you continue holding the poop in, either you will have to go for laxatives or you will have to get it manually removed. Yes, you may have to go through a manual stool removal procedure if the laxatives fail.



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