What is Hair Grafting

Updated at: Sep 17, 2013
What is Hair Grafting

Hair grafting, or hair transplant surgery, is one of the most asked-about hair restoration treatments.

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Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: May 25, 2013

Hair grafting, or hair transplant surgery, is one of the most asked-about hair restoration treatments. It is the process of taking healthy follicles from the back and sides of your scalp and transplanting them into bald areas to restore hair.

What is Hair Grafting

The method of hair restoration works because the entire follicle is inserted into a tiny incision. The procedure may turn out to be traumatic to the hair follicle in the beginning but later it grows more slowly and steadily. With time, successful hair grafts are indistinguishable from regular hair.


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Types of Hair Grafts
There are different types of hair grafts, understanding which will help you decide which procedure is best for you and fits your budget.

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) is a procedure in which certain hair follicles that contain more than one hair are relocated to your scalp. Among all hair grafting techniques, FUTs produce the most natural-looking appearance. The procedure needs more than one session to complete the restoration procedure.

In Double Follicular Units (DFU), the grafts are placed on the hairline in two rows. Similarly, in Triple Follicular Units (TFU), the grafts are placed on the hairline in three rows. These can be completed in just one session and are cost-effective than follicular unit transplant.

Benefits of Hair Grafting
The cost hair grafting may sound appalling at first, but it is a one-time investment. It has many advantages over other hair restoration methods (creams, shampoos and oral medications). All the other methods need constant use and investment. So, if you can afford an upfront expense for a permanent solution to baldness, hair grafting will be a wise decision.


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 Considerations for Hair Grafting
The procedure of hair grafting used to be painful earlier, wherein small holes within the scalp were made using a cylindrical scalpel. Then, clumps of hair were taken and placed within these holes. The modern methods have significantly improved to make hair look natural but they are still evolving.

After hair grafts have been installed, it takes at least four months for them to produce hair. There will be tiny scabs from the incisions, which might make uncomfortable for some to step outdoors for a while. The scabs usually fall away in about seven days.

There could be complications of the medical procedure. Therefore, you need to follow the surgeon's instructions strictly. If you notice any signs of infection, the entire procedure can be affected. Moreover, you cannot do whatever hair styling you like but only what your surgeon has recommended.



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