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What is Fruit Flush Diet Food?

Updated at: Feb 21, 2012
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Written by: Aparna MirPublished at: Feb 02, 2012
What is Fruit Flush Diet Food?

Fruit flush diet plan is one that is intended to remove harmful materials from the body and to increase stamina, as well as overall health. By this, one can achieve faster and effective weight loss and conquer food addiction.

Fruit flush dietFruit flush diet is commonly known as Fruit Diet. It is a three day diet plan designed by nutritionist Jay Robb to detoxify the body systems and it also helps to lose weight. This diet cleans the body of fat and toxins, thus losing the extra pounds. During the fruit flush diet, the body systems are relieved from the burden of digestion by not eating foods other than fruits.


This allows the body to clean out its system by burning toxins caused by undigested food. Fruit is nature’s perfect cleansing food. The diet  provides a balance of fruits, vegetables and protein that allows weight loss while maintaining muscle mass and removing toxins from the body.


The key ingredient of this detoxifying diet plan is fruit. A fruit diet is also low in calories which helps in intense detoxification. Fruits are a major source of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients in fruit help to dissolve toxic body content, and the water and fiber content of fruits flush it out. The basics to follow in a fruit flush diet are:

  • Drink at least 12 glasses of bottled or filtered water each day.
  • Avoid non-water beverages, including coffee, tea, alcohol and soda.
  • Eat any type of fresh fruits (no frozen, dried, or canned fruits), preferably organic fruits.
  • Have salad in the evening — all non-starchy, preferably organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Avoid exercising.
  • Consume supplemental protein drinks. The protein drinks should not contain casein, fructose, sugar, sucrose, sucralose, artificial flavours or colours.

Nutrients found in fruits have many positive and healthy effects on the body such as:

  • Dissolves toxins.
  • Boosts energy levels.
  • Removes poisonous toxins from the liver which form due to eating red meat, dairy products and foods that contain chemical additives.
  • Cleanse the entire body systems including the intestines, liver and kidneys

The main strength of the Fruit Flush diet is that it encourages you to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, which are an essential part of a healthful diet.

Fruit flush diet has numerous disadvantages also. It is an extremely low calorie diet, providing around 1000 calories per day, so not suitable for long-term use. Also this diet plan can lead to deficiencies in nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B and omega-3 fats. This diet causes weight loss at the expense of water loss, along with loss of some lean muscle tissues and body fat. It is a temporary solution and can’t be followed for a long time.

The three day fruit flush diet is a wonderful way to cleanse your system or kick start a lifelong diet programme. It rejuvenates the system, hence making you active and healthy. As it includes adequate protein and a little healthy fat, this plan is probably safer than other detox plans.


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